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Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices

Editor-in-Chief: Uldanai M. Bakhtikireeva, Doctor of Science (Philology), Ph.D., Professor

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Founded in 2004. Publication frequency: quarterly.

Peer-Review: double blind. APC: no article processing charge.

ISSN2618-897X (Print) ISSN2618-8988 (Online)

PUBLISHER: Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University)

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The journal is a high-respected, peer-reviewed edition publishing the results of scientific researches in the field of general and applied linguistics, cultural linguistics, pedagogy, etc.

Its International  status is defined by the editorial board, the involvement of foreign reviewers, as well as co-operation with the multicultural team of authors.

The mission of the journal  is to  develop  the strategy for successful scientific collaboration among scientists from different countries.

The main objective of the journal is the creation of a wide dialogue platform for experts  in philological and related disciplines such as cultural studies, philosophy, political science, etc. Formation of the information context  should contribute to a better understanding of linguistic processes in today's global society.

Particular attention is paid to the bi- and translingual processes  in their literary implementation and common usage, as well as the problems of intercultural communication. However, we also welcome all the articles on the main direction LANGUAGE - SOCIETY – CULTURE  of fundamental, applied, experimental nature.

Standard languages  of publication are Russian and English.

The materials for the analysis can be attracted from all the languages and cultures on the example of any international community / country, at the discretion of the Author.

Among  other objectives  is the presentation of current researches  on the problems of linguistics, theory of language, the languages of the peoples of foreign countries, applied linguistics, theory and methodology of professional education. Specialized scientific problems will be assigned as the columns  and thematic issues of the journal.

The publication is aimed at scientists of philological and humanitarian profile.  Our Authors are philologists, experts in the field of philosophy, cultural studies, history, didactics and other disciplines of sofic cycle. The journal is ready to publish the scientific researches of postgraduates and undergraduates, if their content quality corresponds to the standards of the journal.

The genre preferences. The preferred publishing format is full article, but essays, interviews, critical reviews of declared problematic are also accepted. According to the preliminary agreement with the editors Author may participate in the thematic polylogue (debate) on the pages of the journal.

The Electronic version of the journal will be supported by Presentation materials: Video and AudioSlides, author presentations, etc.

 All issues of the journal, including archival issues of the Bulletin of Russian Peoples’ Friendship University. Series Problems of education: languages and speciality and  RUDN Journal of Language Education and Translingual Practices in abstract-bibliographic form and in the full-text format are also available in the database of the Russian Citation Index (RSCI) on the platform of the Scientific Electronic Library (NES):


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Current Issue

Vol 17, No 1 (2020)

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Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2020;17(1):6-7
The Core of the Language Consciousness of an Ethnic Group in Diachronic Aspect: Kazakh Associative Dictionaries
Dmitryuk N.V., Arynbaeva R.A.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2020;17(1):8-19
Part of Experimental Researches in Nationally Addressed Lexicography (on the Material of Russian-Mongolian Comparisons)
Mamontov A.S., Tzedendorjiin E., Boguslavskaya V.V.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2020;17(1):20-30
Languages in contact
Ethnocultural Identity of Migrants from the Eastern Regions of the former USSR in the Light of “Clash of Cultures” Theory
Khilkhanova E.V., Khilkhanov D.L.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2020;17(1):31-38
How Far Does the Process of Language Hybridization Go in a Translingual Situation?
Temirgazina Z.K.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2020;17(1):39-44
Translation as a Form of Cross-Literary Dialogue (On the Material of the Translation of A. Yeniki’s Novel “Unvoiced Will” by S. Khozina)
Fakhrutdinova L.I., Amineva V.R.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2020;17(1):45-58
Peculiarities of Reconstructing Russian Rhyme in English Translations
Sycheva A.V.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2020;17(1):59-64
The Bottle Inscribed with “X”, or Search for the Unknown in Alisa Ganieva’s Novel “The Groom and the Bride”
Shafranskaya E.F.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2020;17(1):65-77
Polylingualism and Transliterality in the Context of Hamid Ismailov’s Metafictional Strategy
Garipova G.T.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2020;17(1):78-87
Bilingual education
Concept of “Cultural Identity” of Komi-Permyak Student Bilingual Personality in the Focus of Linguistic Methodology
Medvedeva N.V.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2020;17(1):88-100
Difficult Сases in Teaching Foreign Students Borrowed Vocabulary (Language of the Media)
Afanasieva N.D., Zakharchenko S.S., Mogileva I.B.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2020;17(1):101-107
Esse est
Images of Bilingualism in my Monolingual Life (Lyrical Fantasies)
Ekshembeeva L.V.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2020;17(1):108-111
Globalization and Language Policy
Suleimenova E.D.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2020;17(1):112-120