Key title officially registred by ISSN Center: Vestnik Rossijskogo universiteta družby narodov. Seriâ Voprosy obrazovaniâ: âzyki i specialʹnostʹ

Parallel title in English (until 2017): Bulletin of Russian Peoples’ Friendship University. Series Problems of education: languages and speciality

RUDN Journal of Language Education and Translingual Practices is a peer-reviewed journal publishing scholarly articles in the fields of language education, linguistics, pedagogy.

In 2016 for publication will be accepted articles in the fields of cultural studies.

The journal is an international publication both in its scope and authors. It publishes articles by renowned Russian and foreign scholars, young researchers and postgraduate students. Articles can be published in English.

The purpose of the journal is to bring forward and disseminate the most up-to-date research in the academic fields of language education, linguistics, pedagogy, cultural studies.

The Journal’s objectives include:

  • publication of scholarly articles and reviews on the urgent problems of language education, (Applied) Linguistics, Pedagogy and Cultural studies;
  • presentation of original research in the field of Russian, Romance, Germanic and Slavic languages,  the languages of Russia and the CIS as well as other European, Asian, African, American and Australian languages; theory of translation and intercultural communication;
  • discussion of topical issues in contemporary theoretical and applied linguistics, as well as in the area of cultural studies.

The journal will introduce a number of special sections focusing on the range of the series research priorities.

The journal is addressed to philologists, philosophers, scholars in cultural studies, specialists in Language education and Applied Linguistics. Its authors are PhDs, post-graduate students, PhD candidates and MA students both from Russia and abroad.

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