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Language, speech and a speech activity are the main aspects of linguistic phenomena. The speech activity consists of speaking, written language (generation and delivery of information), listening and reading (the process of perception and processing of information). In Russian as a foreign language teaching system at the polytechnic university Preparatory Department reading is important, as it helps to meet the student’s educational needs for new information related to the area of expertise. The purpose of reading is comprehension, which is a complex mental activity. Reproduction is a part of understanding (perception - understanding - remembering - reproduction). Factors that affect reading comprehension is described, requirements that one should take into account to avoid many of the difficulties and problems when studying at the polytechnic university Preparatory Department are presented. To meet these requirements one should know characteristics of understanding (entirety, accuracy, deepness). Good results can be achieved through gaining skills associated with understanding language material; text content; comprehension text content. At different stages of learning students improve different reading skills: reading techniques and skills of mental operations. At the Preparatory Department all reading skills play an important role, as training starts with the training of sound-letter relationships in the syllable. Difficulty/ease of reading training as a kind of verbal activity is devoted to the last part of the article. Different viewpoints of leading trainers are presented. Difficulties appearing when one is learning to read a foreign language and recommendations that may facilitate these difficulties are described (prediction method). A special attention to the development of a probabilistic forecasting mechanism is paid. Last part of the article concludes that reading is a very complex type of speech activity in both psychological and methodological aspect, and in this regard, one should learn reading as early as possible.

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E V Pinevich

Bauman Moscow State Technical University

2nd Bauman str., 5, Moscow, Russia, 105005


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