No 2 (2009)


Dictionary presentation of phrase logical form

Ayupova R.A.


In this work the problem of dictionary presentation of variation and option possibilities in phraseology, grammatical and lexical collocations of phraseological unit of the English, Russian and Tatar languages.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):5-13
pages 5-13 views

Silent bystander's influence on two-person talk

Babayan V.N.


The article is devoted to the study of a silent third person's (bystander's) influence on a two-person talk (speakers) and his (her) role in a triad formed by his (her) presence.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):14-21
pages 14-21 views

The canadian french language lexical peculiarity

Baghana J., Treschova N.V.


This article discusses lexical specificity of Canadian French language on the basis of the analysis of morphological loans.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):22-25
pages 22-25 views

By the question of african cultural space

Baghana J., Khapilina E.V.


The article views the problem of multicultural space of the french speaking Africa.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):26-28
pages 26-28 views

About the influence of the basic variants of the english language on the german language

Banshchikova М.A.


The influence of the basic variants of the English language on the German language that includes the period from the 16th century, is analysed in the article. The author also touches upon the reasons of the influence of the English language on the German language.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):29-33
pages 29-33 views

The time category as a mean of language system study

Bondarenko E.V.


The article is devoted to category of time study. This issue has complex characteristic. It is an object of special analysis and is very essential in many kinds of science. It is also used in linguistic studies. The category understudy has primarily importance for systematic language study.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):34-38
pages 34-38 views

Antropological character of metaphoric representations (based on a tree metaphor)

Dekhnich O.V.


The article considers a tree metaphor and its representations in the English language. The key idea of the paper is that a tree metaphor is anthropological in its character and is mapped onto many spheres of human activity.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):39-43
pages 39-43 views

Expression of aggression in russian mass media

Zakoyan L.M.


The article is devoted to the study of aggression in Russian mass media. Special attention is paid to the study of aggression in Russian newspapers.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):44-47
pages 44-47 views

Help of words «nenuzhnost»/ «state of being unwanted»

Iliyna V.A.


The main aim of this article is to investigate the linguistic conception of loneliness verbalized with the help of words «nenuzhnost»/ «state of being unwanted» in Russian and English consciousness and to compare the results of this research.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):48-54
pages 48-54 views

Concept «marriage» in french culture through phraseology

Kurguzenkova Z.V.


On the basis of linguo-cultural analysis of the French phraseology the spectrum of cultural connotations of concept «marriage» is defined.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):55-58
pages 55-58 views

The english language phraseosemantic personality attitudes' field

Mazirka D.A.


The article is dedicated to the English language phraseosemantic personality attitudes' field research and studying in the interrelationship of the linguistic, psycholinguistic and psychological aspects determining more profound and detailed personality attitudes' verbal description and more successful personality-oriented English language communication skills.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):59-64
pages 59-64 views

Grammatical features of spanish advertising texts

Sibatrov V.E.


This article is devoted to the grammatical features of Spanish advertising texts. System of advertisement language has several important characteristic features. The grammatical structure of radio commercials is one of the most important components of this system.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):65-69
pages 65-69 views

Linguocultural analysis of etiquette formulas of congratulation in the russian language and in the pyrenean national variant of the spanish language

Frolkova Y.A.


The article deals with linguocultural analysis of etiquette formulas of congratulation in the Russian language and in the Pyrenean national variant of the Spanish language which is of interest of both linguists and culturologists.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):70-77
pages 70-77 views

The phenomenon of language sign variability as a way of adequate expression of semantics and pragmatics in a text in a course of russian semasiology

Tsoupikova H.V.


The article presents the phenomenon of language sign variability on the formal and semantic levels, gives the classification of semantic variants, and conclusions concerning their psychological nature.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):78-85
pages 78-85 views

The features of the peruvian national variant of spanish

Shevchenko A.V.


The article touches upon some aspects of territorial variation oh Spanish on the territory of Peru, and socio-cultural features of the considered area of South America.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):86-90
pages 86-90 views

Anglicisms in sports terminology in the spanish language

Iakovleva S.А.


The article is dedicated to the problem of anglicisms in Sports terminology of the modern Spanish language, its evolution and periodization from the end of the 19th Century to present. A summation of the discussions regarding the formation of the common linguistic use, as well as the adaptation of borrowed linguistic terms and the normalization of the sports language, is presented.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):91-98
pages 91-98 views

Survey of enlish language consultant-translators' training in humanities

Bobrova S.E.


The author presents a review of her professional experience in developing and implementing English language curriculum in the training of consultant-translators in Humanities. She focuses on a number of particular problems of adjusting the basic principles of PFUR's translator-training tradition to the present-day requirements and the possible ways of their solution.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):99-109
pages 99-109 views

Special features of speech activity of students with different types of character

Valiulina V.R.


The article is devoted to display of character in individual speech activity. Many linguists and psychologists confirm that it is possible to define personal features on the speech activity of a person.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):110-114
pages 110-114 views

The role of editing in translating

Zvereva N.S.


It is discussed in this article the role of editing in translating process. On the one hand, though a translator is considered to be «alone fighter» in his activities, it is still impossible to keep all the extensive information in one mind. On the other hand, despite the rapid successful development of machine translation systems they have one considerable disadvantage - lack of feeling for language, without that the proper translation cannot be achieved. So for improving the linguistic quality of the translation, both traditional and computer, editing is required. Some means of editing are defined as well in the present article.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):115-120
pages 115-120 views

To the question of computational linguistics

Kobilskaia I.I.


The article is dedicated to the computer technologies usage in teaching foreign languages to students of Universities to form the communicative competence of future specialists. Integration of new information technologies and traditional methods was described at formation of the basic skills of speech activity of students.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):121-125
pages 121-125 views

The foreign language's role in building of the communicative tolerance by social workers during their study at the university

Leifa I.I.


The article examines possibilities of tolerance development in the process of language learning. This possibility begs the question of foreign language teaching content correction.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):126-133
pages 126-133 views

Multimediacompetence as a part by teaching german as a foreighn language

Lukanina E.V.


The article deals with methods of teaching the German as a foreign language by means of the Internet-technologies. The author shows the possibility of this means of teaching.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):134-137
pages 134-137 views

The teaching of foreign languages for part-time students

Mekeko N.M.


The article is devoted to the method of teaghing of foreign languages for part-time students.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):138-141
pages 138-141 views

Mental trauma as Defined and perceived by Modern Researchers

Mikheeva A.V.


The paper presents the approach of modern researchers to the problem of the mental trauma and its definition through scientific notions, categories and concepts.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):142-148
pages 142-148 views

Questions of teaching subject «russian launguage and speech culture» of foreign students not humanitarian specialties

Strelchuk E.N.


This article deals with some questions teaching subject «Russian language and speech culture» with foreign student's not humanitarian specialties.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):149-155
pages 149-155 views

The role of francophonie in the conditions of globalization

Khapilina E.V.


The article is devoted to the role of Francophonie in spread of the French language in the world, consolidation of the relationship between French speaking countries and resistance to negative influence of globalization.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):156-160
pages 156-160 views

To the issue of socio-cultural component in the curriculum for public bilingual russian-spanish schools

Shuntova O.V.


This article is devoted to the issue of practical usage of socio-cultural information in the curriculum for Public Bilingual Russian-Spanish schools.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2009;(2):161-166
pages 161-166 views

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