“The deductive method” of poetic and philosophic argumentation in the details of “Dostoevsky’s” Text (to the problem of teaching russian literature as non-native)

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The article checks the functioning of details of «the biographic author» in the united space of an artistic, namely “Dostoevsky’s” text is by a deductive method. This technique expresses an original idea about the essential role of a biographic method in literary criticism as the “basis” for deductive search of the key poetic and psychological features. These features define both substantial and formal components of a certain literary text as a complete spiritual and cultural phenomenon. Interdisciplinary synthesis of rhetoric, literary criticisms, psychology, to some extent medicine, and methods of teaching Russian literature to foreigners with different cultural orientation is embodied in the article.

About the authors

L Evgen'evna Hvorova

Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin

Email: ludmilaxvorova@mail.ru
Chair of the Russian language and methods of its teaching Institute of philology


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