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The study examines the specific features of reclamemics and linguistic marketing as new areas of knowledge of the advertising language and marketing communication texts respectively. Advertising, representing an integral part of the media space of modern society, reflects different, generated aspects (axiological, social, cultural, psychological, aesthetic, moral and others) of the human activity. As a consequence, this marketing communication is undoubtedly able to influence consumers forming their specific perception of themselves and the attitude to consumed goods and services. The author sets the task to explain the terms “linguistic marketing” and “reclamemics”, explores the language of advertising, focuses on the linguistic means of creating advertising image, correlates claimed concepts, justifies the need to introduce these terms in the scientific sphere. According to the researcher, advertising communication is based on the information or the emotional description of the product benefits. Marketing is primary in advertising communications because semantics and pragmatics of advertising language depend on its goals and objectives.

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D S Sknarev

Institute of Economy, Trade and Technology South-Ural State University

Lenin av., 75, Chelyabinsk, Russia, 454080


Copyright (c) 2016 Скнарев Д.С.

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