Preposition «of» and means of its expressing in azerbaijani

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The article characterizes means of expressing preposition of in Azerbaijani. As we know prepositions are used to create relations between words. English is an analytical language, while Azerbaijani is a synthetic one. Consequently, different notions in English are mainly expressed by separate words, while in Azerbaijani they are expressed by synthetic elements, i.e. by means of affixes. Synthetic means of expressing preposition of in Azerbaijani are suffixes of Genitive case (yiyəlik hal) -ın4(-nın4) and the sixth case of nouns (çıxışlıq hal) -dan2. Analytical means of expressing preposition of are different words used as a structural part of speech like «haqqında», «barəsində», which are called qoşma.

About the authors

Shalala Qhizi Aliyeva

Azerbaijan University of Languages (Baku)

Email: <>
Кафедра грамматики английского языка; Азербайджанский университет языков (Баку); Azerbaijan University of Languages (Baku)


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