No 3 (2011)


Homo Tangens, or Man Touching and Tangible

Mizinska J.


The article is devoted to the analysis of the concept sense of touch, which is considered in all its aspects and dimensions. The author's aim is to determine what is touch in terms of philosophy, what types it has and what traditional functions (i.e. prior to the emergence of virtual reality) each of these functions performed. The conducted research allows the author to make a conclusion about the importance of perceiving the role and significance of man as a homo tangens - man touching and tangible.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(3):523-
pages 523- views

Diaspora as a System

Bazanov V.A.


This paper examines the multifaceted parameters of Diaspora as a socio-cultural phenomenon. An attempt is made to organize the concepts making up the very notion of diaspora, as well as to analyze and build a unified system bringing together various theoretical approaches in the study of diaspora by domestic and foreign researchers.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(3):24-33
pages 24-33 views

A Sociological Assessment of the Constructivist Potential of the Mass Media

Trotsuk I.V., Gruznova E.Y.


The phenomenon of constructing social problems by the mass media is a very significant and symbolic feature of contemporary society. The article systematizes the basic characteristics of the so called constructivist approach to the analysis of the functioning of the mass media that was developed in the 1970s as an alternative interpretation of 'public institutions', primarily, of the mass media, their role in the actualization of social problems and assigning this status to the events in the world around. On the basis of a bright example of the approach under consideration - the agenda-setting theory - the authors make an assessment of the constructivist potential of the print mass media in contemporary Russian society.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(3):34-46
pages 34-46 views

Workers in the Regional Social Space: Labor Status and Adaptation Resources

Golenkova Z.T., Igitkhanyan E.D.


The article considers the main areas responsible for shaping social and status characteristics of workers against the background of the regional space in the present-day Russian society. The authors analyze regional peculiarities of the social environment of workers' activities, the trends in their labor strategies, the degree of their involvement in the market system and the major adaptation resources.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(3):47-59
pages 47-59 views

Modern Youth Sub-Cultures: Characteristic Features, Forming Factors

Koltunov D.A.


The growing complexity of today's world, faster social and technological innovations and the resulting impossibility to explain the universe in terms of the classical, traditional systems lead to the emergence of new social and cultural patterns, behavioral standards and particular thinking which make up new sub-cultural paradigms. In this article the author attempts to identify the basic factors forming youth sub-cultures and define their peculiar features in contemporary Russian society.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(3):60-64
pages 60-64 views

Multicultural Interaction and Ethnic Identities of Ethnic Minority College Students

Chang Y.


This paper's analysis is based on the narration of M, a Xinjiang-born Mongolian student. The analysis which applied domestic and foreign theories such as Acculturation Theory and Theory of Pattern of Pluralistic Unity of Chinese Ethnicities suggests that the Chinese cultural tradition of valuing harmony and the China's pattern of pluralistic unity of ethnicities is contributive for minority college students to come up to the harmonious construction of ethnic and national identities, and that the inter-ethnic cultural interaction in China affects minority college students' ethnic identity in a complex manner, and the cultural diversity interaction within an ethnic group, especially its introethnic dialectical difference, are significant to the ethnic identity construction of a minority college student.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(3):65-75
pages 65-75 views

Adaptation Resources and Practices of the Urban Udmurts

Vasina T.A., Pozdeev I.L.


The paper considers the adaptation resources and practices of urban Udmurts on the basis of sociological research. The authors point out that a considerable number of urban Udmurts could not fully adapt to the changing social realities. On the ethnic scale, it leads to failures in the transfer of ethnic culture from generation to generation.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(3):76-85
pages 76-85 views

Formation of Self-Preservation Behavior in Russian and Foreign Students with Health Risk Factors

Vyalov I.S.


The article presents the results of a study carried out with the purpose of identifying motivation for self-preservation in Russian and foreign students with correctable and non-correctable health risk factors. The results of a representative survey of Russian and foreign students show that despite the abundance of health risk factors, most of them are correctable. At the same time, many students have some unsolved problems in the formation of self-preservation behavior, caused by both the presence of risk factors themselves, and also by the students' life-style, social and cultural peculiarities.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(3):86-94
pages 86-94 views

The Image of the Beggar in the Moscow Underground

Astakhova N.V.


The article presents the results of the sociological research The analysis of the image of the beggar in the Moscow underground, using the methods of unstructured interview and semantic differential. The author analyses the prerequisites for the emergence and the current state of the poor in Russia. She also proposes some principles of identifying and assessing the images of perceiving beggars based on applying projective methods and the quality approach to the collection of sociological data. As a result of the research, the methodology was tested and Moscow inhabitants' perception images of the beggar were assessed.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(3):95-103
pages 95-103 views

The Effect of Personnel Training on Corporate Culture

Zakablutskaya E.A.


The article considers the problems arising in commercial organizations as a result of initiatives in the area of purposeful changes in company corporate culture, and analyses the mechanism of initiating and introducing such changes through personnel training.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(3):104-111
pages 104-111 views


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RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(3):112-113
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