No 2 (2008)


The antropocentric approach as metodological principle of formation «second» language person of the foreign student-philologist during the included training of russian as the foreign

Ignatova I.B., Kuleshova R.V.


In given clause modelling process of training of foreign students-philologists of the included form of training to Russian as foreign from the point of view of antropocentric the approach to formation of the «secondary» language person is considered.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(2):5-11
pages 5-11 views

Leksical paradigmatical analisis of semantically pole of costume

Milova N.V.


The article is devoted to analysis of paradigmatic semantically pole of costume according to the cultural determination. This report focuses attention on how the use of means of language helps to understand the important features of Russian linguistic world picture.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(2):12-17
pages 12-17 views

The Problems of lingvistic actualization in semantic cultural component Smerdyakov's proper name

Lugowska H.G.


The proper name of personage is connected with associative field of literary and cultural context. In the report the name of Smerdyakov is analysed. Various peculiarities of analysis are disclosed in the present report. The article contains the results of research of database in Smerdyakov's proper name along with the influence of cultural and poetic contexts.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(2):18-23
pages 18-23 views

Applicative metonymy

Romanenko V.A.


Present article is the fragment of a study of the nature of the index demonstration of means in different code systems of Russian lingvokulture context.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(2):24-28
pages 24-28 views

Use within the framework of an associative field of functional structure «language - reality» with the instruction in transfer of the artistic texts

Novikova A.M.


In the article are examined particular questions of the transfer of artistic texts in the aspect of assotsiative field.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(2):29-34
pages 29-34 views

Use of video materials in the process of language and country studies competence formation of foreigners studying Russian

Novikova A.K.


The article analyses role of video materials during language and country studies competence knowledge and skills formation in the process of studying Russian as a foreign language. An attempt to prove the effectiveness of different types of video materials use for solving specific methodical problems in language and country studies teaching of a foreign language is made.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(2):35-41
pages 35-41 views

Botanic lexics as one of the sources of the linguistic study of the russian language

Savvina Y.Y.


The opportunity of the use of the botanic lexics by teachers at the lessons of the Russian language and in the after ctass work as one of the sources of the Linguistic Landeskunde knowledge is described in the article. The articles shours hou it helns to use the bringing up potential of the students. The peculiarities of the work with botanic lexics are described in the article.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(2):42-47
pages 42-47 views

Role of the russian textbook as foreign Senegal in educational system

Baryshnikova E.N., Ngor Sarr -.


In clause are considered the general methodical questions of creation of the modern textbook on Russian as foreign, necessity of creation of the textbook is given reason, focused on specificity of conditions of studying of Russian in Senegal.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(2):48-52
pages 48-52 views

The problem of choice and arrangement of grammar material in teaching russian to the non-natives

Ryzhova N.V.


The article considers the choice and arrangement of grammar material in non-Russian schools.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(2):53-59
pages 53-59 views

The teaching and methodical classification of the verbal cognitive aktivity verbs

Liutova O.V., Samosenkova T.V.


The article deals with the problem of Russian cognitive activity verbs' classification, which can be used during the process of language acquisition by foreing students at the stage of the preparatory faculty.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(2):60-65
pages 60-65 views

Russian in system of preparation of foreign masters of philologists

Sokolova L.A.


In the article the linguistic and extralinguistic special features of instruction in the Russian language as foreign in the magistracy are discussed.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(2):66-67
pages 66-67 views

The Precedent names and events as a source of arabic proverbs

Koukhareva E.V.


Тhis article is about the precedent names and events as a source of arabic proverbs which are a mirror of arabic ethnic picture and moral standards.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(2):68-77
pages 68-77 views

Linguistic and cultural specific features of zoomorphemes

Gouketlova F.N.


Zoomorphic culture codes revealing the system of symbols and standards of a national culture are able to bring about specific characters of world perception inherent to language and culture camers. The existence of such codes is universal. However, while maintaining universal features, these codes still have unique national peculiarities. What we are interested in is the nation-related specificity of choice of expressive means - a human in ani-morphologic language units containing a typical, image-bearing, easily interpreted behavioural sign purporting to animals.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(2):78-83
pages 78-83 views

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