Speaking skills diagnostics at the beginner level of teaching Russian as a foreign language in a foreign university


The article describes the conditions and specifics of teaching Russian as a foreign language in a foreign university. The results of ascertaining experiment conducted in a polylingual group of students in the University of Strasbourg at the beginning of their second year are given. The purpose of the experiment was to diagnose the ability to create and deliver a coherent prepared and unprepared monologue, give its quantitative and qualitative analysis according to the selected criteria. Parameters for prepared and unprepared monologues are not considered separately in regulatory documents. In fact, foreign students demonstrate these types of speaking Russian at different levels. The importance of developing oral unprepared speech at the beginner stage of learning Russian, especially in learning outside the language environment is discussed in the article.

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teacher of the Russian language as a foreign, Department of Slavic Languages of Strasbourg University

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