No 2 (2011)


To the problem of the Australian national variant of English language

Anakhaeva A.A.


There is enlarged the notion national variant in the article, it is marked the process of becoming the Australian national variant of English language and it is described its language features
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2011;(2):5-9
pages 5-9 views

The peculiarities of translating the advertisement text

Arkhipova S.A.


This article is dedicated to the problem of the adequate translation of commercials. The national lingual and cultural peculiarities must be taken into consideration, and the translation must arouse native speakers' positive feelings. This will ensure the successful promotion of goods in the foreign market.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2011;(2):10-14
pages 10-14 views

On the issue of the precedent text

Askarova E.S.


This article deals with the problem of the precedent text. The issue is studied by way of examples taken from the Spanish literature. The interconnection between the precedent and the present texts is analyzed.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2011;(2):15-19
pages 15-19 views

To the classification of the verbal idioms based on feelings expressed by them in Russian, Tajic and English languages

Akhmedova F.A.


The article is devoted to the problem of classification of the verbal idioms. The comparative analyses conducted by the author in three languages results in identifying three categories of the verbal idioms expressing feelings. A special attention is devoted to the category of idioms-bearers of positive feelings, which is illustrated by examples from the literature.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2011;(2):20-23
pages 20-23 views

To the problem of territorial variety of French language

Baghana J., Treschova N.V.


In the article on the basis of the analysis of bilingual situation in Belgium the lexico-semantic specificity of Belgian French language is determined.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2011;(2):24-27
pages 24-27 views

Linguistic peculiarities of New Zealand English

Beckeeva A.R.


The article is devoted to the analysis of the national-cultural specifies of the function of lexical units in New Zealand English.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2011;(2):28-35
pages 28-35 views

Some characteristic features of expression of aggression in modern American national variant of English (on the material of nouns nominating the image of the aggressor)

Zakoyan L.M.


The article is devoted to the study of nouns nominating the image of an aggression in the modern American national variety of the English language.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2011;(2):36-40
pages 36-40 views

On the issue of the role of perception in the processes of secondary nomination

Ivashkevich I.N.


The article is devoted to the study of the role of perception in the formation of new concepts in modern English in the processes of secondary nomination which are closely connected with dynamics of cognitive mechanisms of knowledge and human thought.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2011;(2):41-46
pages 41-46 views

Semantic analysis of verbs denoting aggression in the Russian language

Maslova O.V.


The article determines the main meaning components of verbs denoting aggressive acts in Russian.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2011;(2):47-53
pages 47-53 views

Lexical features of Spanish advertising radio texts

Sibatrov V.E.


This article is devoted to the lexical features of Spanish advertising radio texts. System of advertisement language has several important characteristic features. The lexical structure of radio commercials is one of the most important components of this system.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2011;(2):54-57
pages 54-57 views

Lexical peculiarities in the vocabulary of the newspaper style at the contemporary stage

Chzhan Uebo -.


This article is devoted to studying the mass media language in the Russian language classroom at the contemporary stage on the material of logoepistems that can be used for teaching Russian as a Foreign Language in the Chinese specialists in Russian philology classroom of advanced level.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2011;(2):58-62
pages 58-62 views

Current approaches to the development of Russian education as multicultural, polylingual space

Mikheeva N.F.


This article is about innovational approaches of Russian language education. Within the new concept it was carried Russian national scientific school for youth «Textology today: results, problems and methods». According to the results of the school it was carried out a training of young scientists, teachers, researchers and published 2 books: text-book and materials of performances.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2011;(2):63-67
pages 63-67 views

Psychological principles of contemporary English teaching methods

Krivoshlikova L.V., Pushkina A.P.


The article deals with psychological fundamentals of contemporary foreign English teaching approaches on the basis of the project method taking into account of students' intelligences and types of personality.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2011;(2):68-73
pages 68-73 views

The methods of the stress's diagnosis

Mikheeva A.V.


The article offers a method of diagnosis of stress tolerance of the individual. The technique is based on the assumption that stress is a multi-component phenomenon, and that changes in the indices of components can be judged from the change of stress resistance.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2011;(2):74-77
pages 74-77 views

Value-semantic aspect of studying the materials on spiritual tradition of the British folklore: about the meaning of foreign language in the development of a personality

Nevmerzhitskaya Y.P.


In the article are considered the problems of value-semantic development of high-school's student's personality in a process of studying the materials on spiritual tradition of the British folklore. The foreign language - English - appears as the instrument of the personality's entering to the world of the traditional spiritual culture of the country of the language under study.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2011;(2):78-84
pages 78-84 views

Value-semantic component of the image of the world in Spanish culture

Polyakova A.A.


The article is dedicated to the questions of studying of the national «image of the world» as a multilevel system of the integrated phenomena of reality. Such value categories as family/la familia, soul/spirit/el alma/el espíritu, honour/el honor, friendship/la amistad, love/еl amor, beauty/la belleza are considered as the most important component of the image of the world's structure in Spanish culture.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2011;(2):85-92
pages 85-92 views

Distinguishing cultural features of the strong linguistic type of the English-speaking personality

Ryadchikova E.N., Kadilina O.A.


The article gives the esteem of the national character taking into consideration the challenge of the strong linguistic type of the English-speaking personality, as well as it reveals the particularities and characteristics of the abovementioned linguistic type exemplified by Dale Carnegey's writings.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2011;(2):93-97
pages 93-97 views

Formation of sociocultural competence of students when teaching foreign language taking into account national specific lexion

Saranina I.I.


The article says about the role of interrelation of language and culture, and also about the realities transferring certain national specificity. Affirms, that studying national-specific lexicon when teaching a foreign language forms sociocultural competence of students.
Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2011;(2):98-102
pages 98-102 views

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Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices. 2011;(2):103-104
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