No S5 (2011)


Characteristics of an extraembrional structures of women suffered from chronic anemia

Radzinskii V.E., Boltovskaya M.N., Orazmuradov A.A., Shmel'kov A.V., Stepanov A.A.


31 women suffered from chronic anemia who have wished to interrupt pregnancy in first trimester were investigated. We made the determination of placental (SP-I, β-hGC) and endometrial (glicodelin A, IGFBP-I) proteins concentration in serum, and exposed characteristics proteinsynthesizing function of chorion and endometrium.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):9-13
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Negative impact of chronic pyelonephritis on the gestation

Orazmuradov A.A., Boltovskaya M.N., Shmelkov A.V., Apresyan S.V., Nazimova S.V., Terentieva S.L.


32 women suffered from chronic pyelonephritis who have wished to interrupt pregnancy in first trimester were investigated. We made the determination of placental (SP-I, β-hGC) and endometrial (glicodelin A, IGFBP-I) proteins concentration in serum, and exposed characteristics proteinsynthesizing function of chorion and endometrium.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):14-18
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Pathomorphological aspects of the embriochorionic complex in the first trimester of pregnancy that complicated by insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus of various severity and stage of compensation

Burenkova I.A., Ordiynts I.M., Burganova L.R., Zabzolaev F.G., Zlatovratskaya T.V., Sarmosyan M.A.


The uterine-placental complex in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus develops under conditions of preexisting angiopathy and chronic hyperglycemia, affecting its morphofunctional state. Inadequate gestational re-structuring of spiral arteries combined with villous-chorion dyschonia, thrombosis, and intervillous-space incompetence suggest early insufficiency of the embryonal system, thus being predictors of placental insufficiency developing in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):19-26
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Comparative analisys of ERVWE1 and ERVFRDE1 genes methylation levels in placental tissues in early pregnancy

Derevyanchuk E.G., Souren N., Lepikhov K., Shkurat T.P.


The search of the causes, underlying pathological processes of the human embryogenesis, has the leading position among studies in the field of Human Reproduction. Therefore we conducted analysis of the epigenetic phenomenon, which regulates expression of the genes, involved in the placenta formation processes. It was suggested, that abnormal methylation levels of human endogenous retroviruses ERVWE1 и ERVFRDE1 genes in chorionic tissue of the placenta fetal part can be associated with pathological course and adverse outcome of the pregnancy.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):27-33
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Morphological criteria of ptimary placental insufficiency

Kuznetsov R.A., Peretyatko L.P., Rachkova O.V.


For studying of morphological criteria of primary placental insufficiency histological research of villous chorion and endometrium is conducted at spontaneous (the basic group n = 30) and artificial abortions (comparison group n = 30). It is established that the basic signs of primary placental insufficiency are damage of differentiation and vascularization of villous chorion, insufficiency of cytotrophoblastic invasion, retardation of gestational remodeling of spiral arteries and uncompleted decidualization of endometrial stroma.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):34-39
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The influence of genetic thrombogenic allelic polymorphisms to the first trimester of pregnancy course in pregnant women with chorion presentation

Myadelets I.A., Fadeeva N.I., Serduk G.V.


The associations of the most frequent carriages of allelic thrombogenic mutations and polymorphisms in women with chorion presentation in the first trimester of pregnancy living in the Altai region were determined in this research. 300 women were investigated and divided into three groups. It depends on the chorion presentation: the main group consisted of 50 patients with complete chorion presentation in the first trimester of pregnancy and the lack of migration in the second trimester; the comparison group included 150 pregnant women with chorion presentation in the first trimester and further migration in the second half of pregnancy; control group had 100 pregnant women with physiological placentation. The frequency of thrombogenic mutations and polymorphisms in women from the main group was in 82,0% of cases, whereas in the comparison group these genetic defects were revealed in 36,8% of cases and there were 3% in the control group. Intergenic associations were detected in 58% of cases, whereas in the comparison group in 7,3% of cases and they were absent in the control group. The condition of reproductive and somatic health of women with chorion presentation was also evaluated.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):40-45
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Pregnancy terminations with chorion detachment and intrauterine hematoma formation

Nikiforovskiy N.K., Stepankova E.A., Andreeva E.S.


70 pregnant women with the threat of miscarriage and with intrauterine hematoma in the first trimester and 20 pregnant women observed in maternity welfare clinics were examined. Clinical, laboratory and instrumental methods of research were used. Features of gestation in the both groups were studied by analyzing data of ultrasonic scanning, dopplerometry, cardiotocografy; histological study of placentae and material from uterine cavity after spontaneous miscarriage was made. Chorion detachment is often combined with the inflammatory changes of fetal ovum and endometrium elements. Prolongation of pregnancy is possible in the majority of cases but meanwhile relaps of the threat of miscarriage and disorder of fetus condition in form of adaptation reduction often arise.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):46-51
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Prognostication of poor obstetric outcomes by biochemical first trimester screening resalts

Makarov I.O., Yudina E.V., Borovkova E.I., Kirpikova E.I.


We identified 158 patients with first-trimester PAPP-A and b-HCG < 5th centile. We excluded multiple pregnancies and major anomalies. 15,2% had evidence of fetal growth restriction and had significantly higher rates of gestational hypertension, preterm birth, low birth weight, 1-min Apgar score < 7, neonatal intensive care.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):52-59
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Severity of systemic inflammatory response syndrome in the I trimester as a marker of late pregnancy complications

Gazazyan M.G., Ponomareva N.A., Mazepkina I.N., Ivanova O.U., Stepanenko I.V.


A complex dynamic examination of 162 pregnant patients was carried out. The study revealed the link between severity of systemic inflammatory response syndrome in the I trimester and development of late pregnancy complications. Increased levels of proinflammatory cytokines, decreased phagocytic and functional activity of neutrophils and changes in correlation CD4/CD8 in the I trimester could serve as early markers of complicated pregnancy.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):60-66
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The threatened miscarriage in the 1 st trimester as a factor of perinatal pathology for women with treated recurrent prematurity

Vinokurova E.A., Bashmakova N.V., Shabunina N.R., Kraeva O.A.


There are studies about the gestation course, childbearing and perinatal outcomes of women with treated recurrent prematurity, various reproductive onsets and different by clinical progression options for threatened miscarriage in the 1 st trimester. The elaboration distinctions of their fetoplacental ineptitude are full-scale assessed. There is also an estimation of the health status of their children in the dynamics of the first 3 years of life, which includes the cardiovascular system testing.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):67-74
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Threat of interruption in early terms of pregnancy at women with uterus scar

Bychkov I.V., Shamarin S.V., Bychkov V.I.


During the retrospective analysis of the first trimester of pregnancy at 121 women the connection was established between frequency of threat of pregnancy interruption and uterus scar. According to the obtained results, frequency of the given complication correlates with localization of chorion in various parts of uterus cavity.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):75-77
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Hazard early miscarriage

Rudakova E.B., Tirskaya Y.I., Perfilyeva O.N.


In this article attention is spared to the most meaningful factors, wich influence on the early miscarriage. The estimation of influence of abnormal changes auto-antibodies on probability of implantation and progressive pregnancy. The role of violations of the hemostasiological system is considered during the in vitro fertilization. Prevalence of innate thrombophilias, circulations of antiphospholipidies antibodies (AFA) hyperhomocistieinemia are analysed,. The analysis of these coagulograms is conducted, the analysis of agretogograms, when the correction of violations in the system of hemostasis is finished, is contucted as well.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):78-84
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Pregnancy in the abnormal uterus: «paradoxes» of early terms

Malgina G.B., Repalova H.Y., Panacheva N.M.


It has been spent prospectiv research of 40 cases of pregnancy of early terms against anomalies of development of a uterus in comparison with 30 cases of pregnancy in – a normal uterus. Ultrasonic research of an arrangement of a fruit, volumes of a cavity of a uterus and volume chorion, blood-grooves in steam rooms uterina-arteries was conducted. Research was spent with an interval of 2 weeks during first half of pregnancy. Following features of the mutual adaptation of an abnormal uterus and the eggs promoting normal progressing of pregnancy are revealed: the raised migratory ability chorion in favorable position from the point of view of a food (towards a bottom of a uterus and in with feeding utero an artery); non-uniformity of a gain uterino volume with an advancing in terms from 12 till 16 weeks in comparison with a normal uterus; a phenomenon of asymmetry of indexes of a blood-groove in steam rooms utero arteries according to the party of an arrangement of pregnancy.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):85-91
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Paticular management of pregnant women with incompetent cervix before and after surgical corrections

Khamadyanov U.R., Saubanova T.V., Potemkina E.V., Khamadyanova A.U.


The complex examination and correction system of pregnancy loss was elaborated according to the experience of examination and treatment for pregnancy miscarriage, assotiated with incompetent cervix in 126 women. The system made it possible to prolong the pregnancy up to the delivery with viable newborn in 96,9% cases, full-term in 84,1%.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):92-97
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The course of pregnancy early life at women with dysfunction of hypothalamus

Zhukovets I.V.


Carry out comprehensive survey of 98 pregnant women with hypothalamic dysfunction (DH), and 20 pregnant women without endocrine disorders. At women with DH pregnancy is on the background of metabolic disorders, as insulin resistance – 15,3%, for gestational diabetes – 11,2%, hyperlipidemia and/or dyslipidemia – 70,4%. On the background of metabolic changes disorders trophoblast invasion, which is confirmed decline endocrine function of trophoblast. Pregnant with DH are at risk for reproductive losses in early pregnancy, the development of primary placental failure, require predgravidar preparation with correction of metabolic disorders.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):98-102
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Early pregnancy and pandemic flu А(Н1N1)09

Belokrinitskaya T.E., Zolotuhina A.O., Koshmeleva E.A., Trubitcina A.Y., Fesik E.A.


We studied the course of pregnancy at 159 patients with flu A(H1N1)09 on early pregnancy terms. Control group consisted of 100 pregnants without flu which were in I-st trimester of gestation in the center of a pandemic flu during the same time. Reproductive losses in I trimester of pregnancy complicated by flu A(H1N1)09 were 32,1% (in a control group – 0%). Fetus malformations and spontaneous abortions are more often arose at a flu on 5–8 th weeks of gestation. There is a dependence between the mother's fever and early losses of pregnancy. There is not interrelation between a hyperthermia at the pregnant and fetus malformations. Oligohydramnion, II-nd stage of fetal hypotrophy and preterm labor are more often developed subsequently at patients with a flu A(H1N1)09 in I trimester of pregnancy. Preventive maintenance and flu treatment by an antiviral drags of Arbidolum in early terms of pregnancy reduces frequency of spontaneous abortions and doesn't render teratogenic influence.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):103-110
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Viral hepatitis c and pregnancy

Belopolskaya M.A.


Based on the literature and our research about effect of pregnancy on HCV, effect of HCV on the course of pregnancy and vertical transmission of HCV recommendations for treatment of pregnant women with HCV are given.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):111-117
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Implementation of the markers of immunological and endothelial dysfunction in early preduction of gestosis

Ivanova O.Y., Gazazyan M.G., Ponomaryova N.A., Velikoretskaya O.A.


Examination of 20 women with normal pregnancies and 27 women with pregnancies, complicated with gestosis (47 pregnant women total) was done to develop endothelial and immunological prognostic criteria of gestosis in the first trimester of pregnancy. A complex study of the immunological status and vasodilating function of the endothelium was carried out. As a result, a risk group for gestosis development was detected and early prognostic markers were determined.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):118-122
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Screening in early pregnancy: is it possible to forecast the formation kardioplatsentarnoy insufficiency in preeclampsia

Kasparova A.E., Belotserkovtseva L.D., Kovalenko L.V., Sus L.A.


A retrospective analysis of 174 pregnancies and outcome in patients with manifestations of FPI varying degrees of severity in preeclampsia (PE) and 30 stories of pregnancy without complications.It is shown that the pregnancy complicated by PE, is a pathogenetic factor for the development kardioplatsentarnoy failure (KPF) with adverse outcome of pregnancy and childbirth. Indicators for screening antenatal fetal condition (ultrasound, HCG and AFP) may be prognostic signs of PE and KPF.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):123-132
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Prediction of development of gestosis at the early stages of pregnancy

Kurochka M.P., Lebedenko E.Y., Gaida O.V.


This paper is concerned with the possible factors of risk of development of gestosis, which can be detected during the early stages of pregnancy. Detection of several factors of risk presupposes a detailed examination of the pregnant women at consultancies, with subsequent performance of preventive and therapeutic actions.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):133-136
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To the issue on features of central and peripheric hemodynamics of pregnant women with an arterial hypertension and a preeclampsia

Muratnazarova N.A.


The paper is dedicated to identifying intracardial vascular hemodinamics peculiarities in order to prognosticate and to diagnose an preeclampsia induced hypertension. The finding of clinico-laboratory and echocardiography of 54 pregnant women with hypertension, 62 pregnant women with preeclampsia induced hypertension, and healthy pregnant women were analysed. Basic factors of risk development have been found out in various form of arterial hypertension. Highly reliable direct correlation bonds between WLVM disproportional increase ratio, LV geometrical model and metabolic risk factors (MAU), have been determinated in a preeclampsia with a LV diastolic dysfunction. The morphostructural аnalysis of placenta in investigated cohorts is presented.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):137-142
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Structurally-geometrical myocardium changes and peculiarities of the diastolic dysfunction of left ventricle of pregnant women with various types of arterial hypertensia

Muratnazarova N.A.


Intracardial and vascular hemodinamics changes during normal pregnancy, pregnancy induced hypertension and preeclampsia are summarized. For the first time a syndrome frequency of disproportional weight of left ventricle myocardium (WLVM) has been studied in pregnant women with a preeclampsia and pregnancy induced hypertension. A higher self –descriptiveness of tissue Doppler visualization method has been demonstrated while analizing LV myocardium diastolic function versus traditional Dopplerometry.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):143-150
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The probability of pregnancy complications in obese women

Borovkova E.I., Makarov I.O., Bairamova M.A.


Retrospective analysis of 400 pregnancy outcomes in obese women was performed. The risk of pregnancy complications was calculate The risk of pre-eclampsia in obese women elevated in 6,4 times, fetal growth restriction elevated in 4 times, urine infections and gestation pyelonephritis elevated in 1,5 times. For women with overweight, risk pre-eclampsia and hydramnion elevated in 5 and 7 times correspondingly.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):151-157
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Current of the first trimester of pregnancy at women with the low index of mass of the body and possibility of preventive maintenance of complications

Gumenjuk E.G., Kolosova T.A., Nasonkova T.I.


The analysis of reproductive and somatic health, current of I trimester of pregnancy at women with a low index of mass of a body is carried out. Features of the anamnesis, a state of health before the present pregnancy are taped. Authentically significant complications in I trimester are established. Conducting schemes at a stage pregravidal preparations and in I trimester of pregnancy for the purpose of depression of frequency of possible complications are offered.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):158-163
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Clinical particularities of pregnancy in the periodic disease and special considerations in the prenatal care

Abramyan R.A., Avagyan G.S., Abramyan L.R.


The problem of studying the periodic disease (PD) has almost a centennial history. A new stage in diagnosing and evaluating the prevalence of the PD in various populations was due to an essential discovery of the MEFV (MEditerranean FeVer) gene localized in the chromosome 16p13.3. Colchicine remains the only officially accepted medicine for PD treatment and renal amyloidosis prevention. However, from the perspective of the perinatal pharmacotherapy with a glance to colchicine’s teratogenic effect its use in obstetrics is inappropriate.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):164-170
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Hyperemesis gravidarum based on the theory of adaptive reactions

Streltsova V.L.


The retrospective analysis of medical histories of 1374 women was carried out; from them the control group (170 women), the group of women with hyperemesis gravidarum (101 women) were chosen. Based on the theory of adaptive reactions by L.H. Garkavi, E.B. Kvakinoj and M.A. Ukolovoj (1978, 1990), the assessment of the adaptation condition was carried out: type of adaptive reaction, level of reactivity and level of health in points for women during pregnancy, labor and postpartum period using the author's computer software «Antistress». A leukocytic formula was used as an alarm indicator of adaptative reaction and criteria of the conditions synchronization. The received results have revealed authentic dependence between level of health and the frequency of hyperemesis gravidarum development.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):171-177
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Actual characteristics of pharmacotherapy of expectant mothers in early period of pregnancy

Salim S.S., Pronina E.S., Sushentsov M.V., Totchiev G.F., Illarionova T.S.


The work is aimed at analysis of the drugs prescribed for expectant mothers in early pregnancy period, with the threat of interruption. Every pregnant woman in Russia takes drugs during the pregnancy. All prescription medications are tested to see if they are effective before becoming available to the public. For ethical reasons, pregnant are usually not included in these studies.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):178-183
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Rational antithrombotic therapy in patients obstetric profile with various forms of thrombophilia

Bashmakova N.V., Putilova N.V.


In order to assess the effectiveness of different options antithrombotic therapy in the prevention and treatment of gestational complications in patients with thrombophilia were treated with 671 patient, 117 of whom received treatment since pregravidal phase and 554 — only during pregnancy, as treatment (II–III trimester). Depending on the version of the antithrombotic drug therapy were formed 3 groups: patients in the treatment of which used low molecular weight heparins, low molecular weight heparins in combination with drugs acetylsalicylic acid and heparinoids (sulodexide). All medications administered at the minimum therapeutic doses. Way to set the material – a simple method of randomization envelopes. The effectiveness of treatment was evaluated by dynamic changes in the hemostatic system and the nature of the circulation in the maternal-placenta-fetus. The study found that both the pregravidal stage and during pregnancy sulodexide monotherapy is the preferred unnecessarily, impacting on all links of the hemostatic system, can significantly improve the overall capacity of the blood coagulation and thereby reduce the proportion of severe complications of gestation.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):184-192
pages 184-192 views

New approach to forecasting and prevention of complications of gestation in patients with thrombophilia

Putilova N.V.


In order to identify specific koagulopaticheskih changes due to the presence of genetic and/or autoimmune (APS), thrombophilia and determining the integral index of coagulation (IKI) to predict trombogennyne complications of gestation, and monitor the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions in this patient was examined 345 patients with thrombophilia diagnogstirovannoy, core team, and 112 apparently healthy women (control group). All patients surveyed plasma hemostasis by conventional tests that characterize the external and internal ways of activation. The study was set high degree of correlation of different forms of thrombophilia with certain parameters gemostaziogrammy and formed a decision rule for predicting thrombosis and associated complications of pregnancy, on the basis of computing IKI. It was further shown that the IKI can not only make a complex dynamic assessment of the coagulation system in patients with thrombophilia, but also to plan for and monitor therapeutic measures aimed at normalizing blood circulation in the «maternal–placenta–fetus».
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):193-200
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The use of preparations of immunoglobulins for prevention of development of gestosis and fetal loss syndrome

Kurochka M.P., Lebedenko E.Y., Gaida O.V.


This paper assesses the preventive effect of administration of human immunoglobulin (pentaglobin) during the early stages of pregnancy in the presence of factors of risk of development of a systemic inflammatory response, such as viral infection, acute sinusitis, or bronchitis during the waves I and II of cytotrophoblast invasion; innate and acquired trombophilia; and autoimmune diseases. The proposed therapy contributes to localization of the inflammatory process, and reduction of the risk of development of gestosis and perinatal losses.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):201-204
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Posibility of improvement of the endometrial regeneration after missed abortion

Gazazyan M.G., Ponomareva S.V., Ivanova T.S., Volkova L.V.


Study of 60 patients with missed abortion was carried out. They were divided into two groups according to management. The 1 st (main) group – 30 women with missed abortion who received 5 ml of antiadhesive drug Mesogel by Lintex company into uterine cavity after evacuation of uterine content together with antibacterial therapy, immunocorrection and efferent methods. The 2 nd group (control) – 30 patients who received only antibacterial therapy, immunocorrection and efferent methods without intrauterine therapy. The study proved that using of Mesogel for early rehabilitation after missed abortion in the 1 st trimester improves regenerat.ion, decreases inflammation in the endometrium and could be a first step of pre-pregnancy preparation.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):205-210
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Antihypertensive agents safety during pregnancy

Karpova E.V., Orazmuradov A.A., Litvinenko I.A., Andreeva U.A., Kryukova E.N., Bratchikova T.V., Lusov V.A.


The article discusses pregnancy course and labor outcomes in women with chronic hypertension. We divided all pregnant into two groups in dependence on the kind of antihypertensive treatment. The main group treatment was nebivalol monotherapy, the control group took combined medications in different compositions (atenolol, methyldopa, nifedipin). We revealed nebivalol therapy significantly decreased the number of gestational complications and adverse perinatal outcomes and in pregnant with chronic hypertension.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):211-215
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Hyperbaric oxygenation in complex treatment of pregnant women with diabetes mellitus type I

Kuzenkova T.V., Litvinenko I.A., Lukaev A.A., Zlatovratskaya T.V., Bogdanova G.S., Starceva T.A., Tabatadze N.T.


The article presents a comparative analysis of treatment of 76 pregnant women with diabetes mellitus type I, divided into two groups: basic and control. In the control group carried out conventional medical therapy, and patients of the main group along with those received courses of hyperbaric oxygenation. Evaluating the effectiveness of therapy based on the data of carbohydrate metabolism, glycated hemoglobin, Doppler and cardiotocography before treatment and after its completion. Shown that the use of hyperbaric oxygenation in complex treatment of pregnant women with diabetes mellitus type I reduces the complications of pregnancy, improve perinatal outcomes.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):216-221
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Errors of the akushersko-gynecologic help at the women who have died during pregnancy, sorts and the postnatal period

Kukarskaya I.I.


The problem of decrease in parent death rate and search of ways of the decision of organizational, medical-diagnostic, tactical problems dictates necessity of carrying out of the analysis of errors of the akushersko-gynecologic help, and also attention accentuation on revealing of preventable cases of death rate during pregnancy, sorts or in the postnatal period. All it will allow to define reserves in decrease and preventive maintenance of parent death rate.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):222-226
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Are medical abortion and vacuum-aspiration in early gestational age equally selectable?

Plotko E.E.


A comparative analysis of 2362 cases of an abortion by a vacuum-aspiration method and 2081 cases of medical abortion in gestation up to 6 weeks including the patients with a uterus scar is carried out. The medico-social characteristics of the women with unplanned pregnancy is given, microflora state of the genitals lower parts is described. Features of technology and monitoring of the patients with an artificial abortion, a possibility to prevent complications are shown. Data on the incidence and structure of the complications after an abortion depending on the technology used are cited, prevalence of incomplete abortions in medical method and endometritises in vacuum-aspiration method are shown. The conclusion is drawn about high efficiency and safety of the methods used in gestation age up to 6 weeks.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):227-235
pages 227-235 views

The role of pregravidary preparation prophylaxis of pregnancy complications with childbearing age women with oligomenorrhea in puberty

Lysyak D.S., Shtel N.N.


50 reproductive age women with oligomenorrhea in puberty and 15 women with normal menstrual cycle were examined. Objective examination and definition of prolactin, gonadotropic and thyrotropic hormones of hypophysis, cortisol, estradiol and progesterone were made. For the reason of the results pregravidary preparation program was advanced. This program included differentiated usage of estrogen-gestagen drugs and pure gestagen drugs. Such preparation leaded to decrease frequency of abortion risk and placental insufficiency, which were diagnosed by definition of decreasing choriogonadotropin β-subunit level in 11–12 weeks, unconjugated estriol and common choriogonadotropin level in 16–20 weeks, and, also, echographic signs.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):236-242
pages 236-242 views

Hysteroscopic characteristics of endometrii for women with early-term pregnancy losses

Petrov Y.A.


The article analyses self-descriptiveness of hysteroscopic visualization of chronic endometritis for women with early-term pregnancy losses. 550 women underwent hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy. Endoscopic macrotypes are allocated: hypoplastic, hyperplastic, admixed. The most often registered hysteroscopic findings, masking inflammatory endometrii process are provided.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):243-247
pages 243-247 views

Еfficiency of ultrasound diagnostics of the chronic endometritis for women with early-term pregnancy losses

Petrov Y.A.


It was carried out clinico-ultrasound inspection of 550 women, which were suffering from the early-term pregnancy losses. Pathomorfological research of aspiration biopsies of endometrium from these women was perfomed. The analysis of ultrasound characteristics at various types of the early-term pregnancy losses is resulted. Comparison of the results of ultrasonic and morphological methods of research in diagnostics of chronic endometritis is executed. The ultrasound «masks» of chronic endometritis are defined, the greatest diagnostic value a method within the limits of identification hysteroscopic macrotypes (gipo-, hyperplastic and admixed) is shown.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):248-253
pages 248-253 views

Optimization of preparation for pregnancy the patients with hyperplasia endometria

Kutshenko I.I., Khorolskaya A.E., Safronova Y.S.


The studies showed that in most patients with hyperplasia endometrial (> 80%) there are infectious agents in air hole uterine, in all patients there are immune distortions on a systematic and local levels, intensified in a presence of intrauterine infection. This is a patogenetic prove for including antibacterial therapy (when infectious factors present) and immune therapy at the systematic and local levels in a treatment’ complex. This kind of therapy allows to optimize the preparation of patients for physiologic course of pregnancy and contributes to correct development of the fetus.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):254-260
pages 254-260 views

Pathogenes,diagnostics and treatment of chronic endometritis

Gulmuhammedova J.C., Totchiev G.F., Toktar L.R., Klychmamedova G.B., Chymba A.A.


Chronic endometritis (CE) is a cause of a reproductive loss in 30-35% of the cases (E.B. Johnston-Macannany et al., 2009). 80–90% of patients are women of reproductive age. Today there is no strict algorithm of observing women with CE, including all links of pathogenesis. Latent course, absence of clinical manifestation, lack of self-descriptiveness of routine methods of diagnosis define difficulties of prevention and treatment of CE. Studying possible mechanisms of development of CE, creation of the most effective methods of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of the patients with such a disease are the most urgent problems of modern obstetrics and gynecology.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):261-267
pages 261-267 views

Clinic laboratory and colposcopic peculiarities of cervical diseases in teenag and young girls with human papiloma virus

Grigorieva E.E., Linask L.I.


The examination of teenage and young girls with cervical diseases was made, 86 girls had human papilloma virus (HPV) and 138 didn’t have it. The investigation proved that the significant risk factors of HPV infection are early beginning of sexual life, polygamic sexual intercourses, the short period between menarche and the beginning of sexual life. High frequency of other sexually transmitted diseases was determined to be associated with HPV, the most dominant combination is CIN I with progressing endocervicitis and simple leukoplakia.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):268-273
pages 268-273 views

Male reproductive health in couples suffering from miscarriage

Tulupova M.S., Khamoshina M.B.


In the context of current demographic situation the problem of miscarriage has become especially acute. Traditionally various aspects of miscarriage and the preterm labor have been viewed through the prism of the woman’s health. At the same time, according to the present reproductive medicine, a proper approach to this problem includes taking into account the state of health of both future parents. In contrast to infertility, male reproductive health in couples, suffering from miscarriage, and its contribution to the outcome of pregnancy, ending without childbirth, hasn’t been determined yet. The article includes the results of studying reproductive health in 62 men – husbands of women, suffering from miscarriage at different terms. The role of chronic viral infection as a cause of spermatogenesis disturbances has been shown.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):274-279
pages 274-279 views

Gynecologic incidence and reproductive losses in Russia in the first decade of the 21 century

Tulupova M.S., Khamoshina M.B., Kalendzhyan A.S., Chotchayeva A.I., Pasternak A.Y.


In the recent years the state of reproductive health of women in Russia has attracted a careful attention of scientists, clinicians and health professionals. The article includes the analysis of the Federal State Statistics Service data. Tendencies in gynecologic incidence for the recent 13 years have been revealed. The analysis of the structure of reproductive losses in the Russian Federation in 2009 has been carried out.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):280-283
pages 280-283 views

Vaginal microbiocenosis in the 2 nd trimester of pregnancy

Shurnyak S.A.


During the recent years miscarriage has remained one of the most important problems in obstetrics and perinatology. Its makes up almost 20% of all confirmed pregnancies, and this figure doesn’t tend to decrease, despite multiple methods of diagnosis and treatment, suggested in the recent years.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):284-289
pages 284-289 views

Antibacterial therapy in preterm labor and prelabor rupture of fetal membranes

Podtetenev K.S., Orazmuradov A.A., Shishkin E.A., Pasternak A.Y., Lukaev A.A., Zykov Y.V.


Preterm labor and prelabor rupture of fetal membranes is one of the most challenging and contradictory problems of obstetrics. From one hand, prolongation of preterm pregnancy increases the gestational age of the fetus. From the other hand, the risk of infectious complications increases – both in the fetus, because of apparent hypamnion, and in the mother, followed by chorioamnionitis and sepsis.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):290-295
pages 290-295 views

Selected points of optimization of maternity and child welfare service in Moscow

Shaklycheva-Kompanets E.O.


The article includes Moscow’s healthcare achievements in obstetric aid and neonatology for the recent decade, as well as certain proposals on the further optimization of the regional Maternity and Child Welfare Service, aimed to reach the maximal functioning efficiency of the service.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):296-305
pages 296-305 views

The basic measures of preventing maternal mortality in obstetric near miss cases

Kukarskaya I.I.


The problem of reducing maternal mortality and searching the ways the organizational, medical – diagnostic and tactical problems causes the necessity to consider the near miss cases in obstetrics, which were close to fatal, but due to high – quality care refer to the cases of prevented maternal mortality. Paying attention to revealing the preventable cases of mortality during pregnancy, delivery and postnatal period will give a chance to find more opportunities to reduce and prevent maternal mortality.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):306-310
pages 306-310 views

Juvenile pregnancy as one of the perinatal mortality and morbidity risk factors

Shaklycheva-Kompanets E.O.


The article includes literature data concerning the course of pregnancy in juvenile women, as well as the research data from the study, aimed to estimate the total perinatal risk in case of juvenile pregnancy. The perinatal and obstetric outcomes in the juvenile pregnants, living in the East District of Moscow, were studied.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):311-319
pages 311-319 views

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RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;(S5):320-330
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