To the issue on features of central and peripheric hemodynamics of pregnant women with an arterial hypertension and a preeclampsia

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The paper is dedicated to identifying intracardial vascular hemodinamics peculiarities in order to prognosticate and to diagnose an preeclampsia induced hypertension. The finding of clinico-laboratory and echocardiography of 54 pregnant women with hypertension, 62 pregnant women with preeclampsia induced hypertension, and healthy pregnant women were analysed. Basic factors of risk development have been found out in various form of arterial hypertension. Highly reliable direct correlation bonds between WLVM disproportional increase ratio, LV geometrical model and metabolic risk factors (MAU), have been determinated in a preeclampsia with a LV diastolic dysfunction. The morphostructural аnalysis of placenta in investigated cohorts is presented.

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N A Muratnazarova

The state medical university of Turkmenistan

Department of obstetrics and cynecology


Copyright (c) 2011 Муратназарова Н.А.

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