New approach to forecasting and prevention of complications of gestation in patients with thrombophilia

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In order to identify specific koagulopaticheskih changes due to the presence of genetic and/or autoimmune (APS), thrombophilia and determining the integral index of coagulation (IKI) to predict trombogennyne complications of gestation, and monitor the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions in this patient was examined 345 patients with thrombophilia diagnogstirovannoy, core team, and 112 apparently healthy women (control group). All patients surveyed plasma hemostasis by conventional tests that characterize the external and internal ways of activation. The study was set high degree of correlation of different forms of thrombophilia with certain parameters gemostaziogrammy and formed a decision rule for predicting thrombosis and associated complications of pregnancy, on the basis of computing IKI. It was further shown that the IKI can not only make a complex dynamic assessment of the coagulation system in patients with thrombophilia, but also to plan for and monitor therapeutic measures aimed at normalizing blood circulation in the «maternal–placenta–fetus».

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N V Putilova

The Ural Research Institute of Maternity and Child of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation



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