Hyperemesis gravidarum based on the theory of adaptive reactions

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The retrospective analysis of medical histories of 1374 women was carried out; from them the control group (170 women), the group of women with hyperemesis gravidarum (101 women) were chosen. Based on the theory of adaptive reactions by L.H. Garkavi, E.B. Kvakinoj and M.A. Ukolovoj (1978, 1990), the assessment of the adaptation condition was carried out: type of adaptive reaction, level of reactivity and level of health in points for women during pregnancy, labor and postpartum period using the author's computer software «Antistress». A leukocytic formula was used as an alarm indicator of adaptative reaction and criteria of the conditions synchronization. The received results have revealed authentic dependence between level of health and the frequency of hyperemesis gravidarum development.

About the authors

V L Streltsova

Vladivostok State Medical University

Email: verastreltsova@mail.ru
Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology


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