No 4 (2011)


Sociology of Social Sciences: To Becoming of a New Line of Research

Orekhov A.M.


The author discusses the problem of development of sociology of social sciences. He focuses his attention on such problems as power, stratification and intellectual property in social sciences. The problems of gender and ethnicity are of great significance for sociology of social sciences. A strong social science (in the country or region) is a science whose representatives occupy leading positions in the process of producing scientific knowledge of social processes as a whole. A weak social science is a science whose representatives are outsiders not participating in the production of scientific knowledge in social sciences. It is of great importance for Russia to make its weak social science strong.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(4):5-15
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Ethnomethodology of H. Garfinkel and the Modern Ethnography of Science

Ivanova A.S.


The article analyzes the relationship between the phenomenological sociology of A. Schutz and ethnomethodology of H. Garfinkel; the author examines the influence of Garfinkel's ideas on some later developments in a number of trends in contemporary social epistemology - case studies and ethnography of science.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(4):16-25
pages 16-25 views

On the Dichotomy of Qualitative and Quantitative Researches in Contemporary Scientific Methodology

Suvakovic U.V.


Argumentation in favor of overcoming the long-ago-established dichotomy of qualitative and quantitative scientific research is presented in the article. Proceeding from the view of materialistic dialecticians that every scientific research must deal with a subject, the author assumes that it is impossible to conduct a quantitative research without first establishing the quality to be studied. This also concerns measuring, which is referred only to quantitative procedures in literature. By way of illustration, the author designs two instruments for measuring the successfulness of political parties - the scale and the quotient of party successfulness. On the other hand, even the qualitative analysis usually involves certain quantifications. The author concludes that to achieve methodological correctness the existing dichotomy of qualitative and quantitative research should be considered as overcome and a typology of scientific research including predominantly qualitative and predominantly quantitative studies, depending on the methodological components prevailing in them, should be used.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(4):26-36
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Values of the Future Elites in the Czech Republic and the Russian Federation: A Comparative Study of Values of University Students in the Two Countries

Tuchek M.


The article presents the results of a comparative sociological study carried out by a group of sociologists of the Department of social sciences in Karl University, Prague and the Department of Sociology of People's Friendship University in Moscow, Russia. The research focuses on examining value orientations of university students in Prague and Moscow. The data collected are of special significance, for it is the students in metropolitan universities who make up the part of the youth in both countries with a fair chance of replenishing the ranks of their national elites and affecting the evolution of society.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(4):37-47
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Competencies-Based Approach as a Factor Contributing to Social Innovations in Managing Staff Education for Public and Business Administration (PA&BA)

Ignatskaya M.A., Kulikovskaya G.A., Kulikovskaya N.A.


This article highlights some social aspects and managerial dynamics in modern staff education for Public and Business Administration (PA&BA). The competencies-based approach is considered as a basic factor contributing to socially innovative management systems. The author analyzes the prospects of development, as well as the opportunities of ensuring the social efficiency of higher managerial education.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(4):48-60
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The Social Structure of Chinese Society: Stratification Dynamics

Wong Syodi -.


Since the foundation of the Chinese People's Republic, in the course of over 60 years - from 1949 to 2011, substantial transformations have occurred in the social structure of Chinese society. Rapid economic, political and cultural development of China has resulted in deep social transformations. The article reveals the logic, reasons and consequences of these transformations; the author identifies the qualitative and quantitative features of the structure of Chinese society in a wide historical perspective of half a century.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(4):61-70
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The Market of Foreign Labor in Russia at the Turn of the Century: The Background of the Issue

Atiskov O.A.


Having joined the system of international division of labor, Russia faced all the problems caused by the influx of foreign labor into the country. The article examines the specific nature of the Russian migratory processes, analyzes the data available on the numbers of labor migrants entering Russia and studies the structure of the labor market of foreign workers. Emphasizing the historically predefined features of labor migration in this country, the author gives special attention to the formation history of the Russian market of the foreign labor force.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(4):71-83
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Visual Means of Communication in a Contemporary Provincial Town (on the Example of Kurgan Graffiti)

Maiseeva E.V.


This article considers graffiti as a means of communication in the contemporary urban environment of a provincial town. The author provides several basic approaches to the definition of graffiti and gives some key classifications of graffiti that are used as a basis for analyzing and ranking the empirical data of the research.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(4):84-92
pages 84-92 views

Siberian Regional Identity in the Context of Historical Consciousness (Content Analysis of Tomsk Regional Media)

Bocharov A.V.


The article presents a model to study the Siberian regional identity in the context of historical consciousness, as well as the results of its practical application in the content analysis of the publications by the Tomsk regional media. On the basis of the content analysis procedures the author demonstrates how, through historical memory, the regional identity is formed and manifested in the regional media in various spheres of society.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(4):93-100
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The Forms and Types of Youth Employment in the Regional Context

Cherevko Y.V.


The main problems discussed in the article are: the state of two age groups in the labor market and their employment chances under post-crisis conditions. Several lines of research can be singled out in this sphere: first, the people's desire and opportunities to do business; second, the problems of making a career on the main and extra jobs; third, the problems of work yield.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(4):101-108
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Images of Neighboring Countries in the Perception of Students (Results of Sociological Studies)

Narbut N.P., Trotsuk I.V.


The article presents a review of the existing models and identifies grounds and results of a trial sociological measurement of stable stereotypes existing in the mass perception of the young as regards neighboring countries. Understanding and accepting the conditional and sketchy character of the obtained results, the authors, however, believe that the proposed model (the information sources, own life experience, well-known public figures, the image of a typical resident, a classification in terms of geo-political friendship/hostility) may serve as a basis for conducting further image-country comparisons in other socio-cultural contexts.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(4):109-117
pages 109-117 views

Social Regulation of Organizational Communications in the Context of N. Luhmann's Autopoiesis Theory

Vishnevetskiy E.G.


In the article based on the analysis of N. Luhmann' theory of autopoiesis, theoretical and practical aspects of social regulation of communications in a certain organization are described. The author points out that a particular need for regulation appears mainly in those cases when an organization is network-structured and its departments are geographically distanced. It is shown that the autopoiesis theory can serve as a methodological basis for building an optimal model of communications systems in an organization.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(4):118-126
pages 118-126 views

Regulatory Impact Assessment: Its Current Status and Development Prospects in Russia

Minaev A.V.


The article examines the procedure of Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA), which is widely used in developed countries for elaborating and making state-level decisions and is new to Russia. The paper analyzes the origins and essential features of the RIA model applied abroad, reviews major methodological approaches to the preparation of statements on regulatory impact assessment. The study focuses on the Russian RIA model, describing its differences from the foreign analogues; the paper also analyzes the shortcomings of this model. A forecast for the development of RIA in Russia is made by the author.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(4):127-142
pages 127-142 views

Government, Management and Administration: The Problem of Concepts

Lebedev S.N.


The article is devoted to the clarification of the conceptual content of the most important scientific categories - government, management and administration - which is of considerable significance both for the substantiation of scientific theories, and for the determination of research tools for applied and empirical studies.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(4):143-151
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