No 4 (2008)


Pedagogical communication in the sphere of modern education

Chekhonina I.E., Zharova M.V.


The article deals with the problems of aims, principles and other characteristics of pedagogical communication. Atmosphere of pedagogical communication at the practical foreign language lessons is under special analyses.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(4):5-9
pages 5-9 views

Successful internet-communication as a model of self-identification and self-presentation of personality in the pos-soviet socium (discourse and methodological experience)

Kompantseva L.F.


This article considers Internet discourse practice as a possible experience of solving the problems of crisis communication, forming self-conception of the personality; methodological principles of using the Internet-discourse are developed in the personality modeling of personal life strategies making a new image.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(4):10-17
pages 10-17 views

Semantic transformations of phraseologisms meaning location in blogs

Molodykh N.V.


The article is devoted to phraseological polysemy and phraseological variants as the result of their transformation in blogs. Blogs give language trends in blogger's texts. Reasons of this process are caused by linguaculture.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(4):18-26
pages 18-26 views

From ritual and mith to metafor

Stoyanova E.V.


The article is based on the problems of studying the metaphor. Metaphor is perceived as a form of continuation of the existence of ritual and myth, which are a way of rationalization of the world by people devoted to traditional culture, who can be found in the domination of mythological thinking. Metaphor is based on the mythological ideas of man and hands down the traditional archetypes from generation to generation.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(4):27-36
pages 27-36 views

The key units of russian language consciousness and their other-cultural perception

Sergieva N.S.


The author presents a pattern of analysis of the fragment of the Russian language consciousness core. Language is presented as a repository of cultural information, and culture - as an ethnic historical memory.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(4):37-43
pages 37-43 views

Russian language in the educational system of Senegal

Manetou Ndiaye -.


In the article set by themselves as a goal to examine the study of the Russian language in Senegal and connected with it the problems in the historical and present plans. Objective analysis the existing realities conducted us to note that from the day of its manifestation in Senegal, the language met and it continues to meet number of problems both material and didactic and pedagogical. But because of the persistent work of the experienced instructors of the philologists of our country, the Russian language steps forward.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(4):44-48
pages 44-48 views

The opposition HEALTH-DISEASE within the framework of structure of statesman concept (on interview texts)

Potapova T.E.


In this article is considered the conceptual model «Health-Disease», which presents the one of the ways comprehension of reality in picture of the modern statesman's world.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(4):49-54
pages 49-54 views

The functional-stylistic and structure-graphic interpretation of arabic newspaper head-lines

Spirkin A.L.


The Arabic newspaper head-lines have many linguistic and stylistic features: using idiomatic speech phrases, the present-future tense of verbs, subject in the beginning of the sentence, avaibility of numerous head-lines and other features that have impression on readers understanding.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(4):55-63
pages 55-63 views

The corrective course on the practical work of oral and written speech for foreign students in view of innovative techniques in system of Bachelor degree

Talybina E.V., Naumenko Y.M.


The article is devoted to the innovative corrective course on the Russian speech of 1-year foreign students of humanitarian specialties for Bachelor degree and some basic methodical recommendations for teachers on work with this complex are given in the article.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(4):64-69
pages 64-69 views

New methods of teaching russian to foreign students of linguistics how new form of training

Korchik L.S., Kulikova E.U.


The article is an analysis of the author's textbook «New methods of teaching Russian to foreign students of linguistic». Some questions consider teaching of scientific style of speaking to a foreign audience. The need is demonstrated creation of a new linguistics textbook.
Russian Language Studies. 2008;(4):70-73
pages 70-73 views
pages 74-76 views
pages 77-78 views

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