Russian language in the educational system of Senegal

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In the article set by themselves as a goal to examine the study of the Russian language in Senegal and connected with it the problems in the historical and present plans. Objective analysis the existing realities conducted us to note that from the day of its manifestation in Senegal, the language met and it continues to meet number of problems both material and didactic and pedagogical. But because of the persistent work of the experienced instructors of the philologists of our country, the Russian language steps forward.

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- Manetou Ndiaye

Highest normal school of Dakar, Senegal

Кафедра русского языка и методики его преподаванияРоссийский университет дружбы народов; Дакарская Высшая Нормальная Школа, Сенегал; Highest normal school of Dakar, Senegal


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