IRONIC SENSE AS THE RESULT OF LINGUOCREATIVE THINKING(on the Material of the Russian and Azerbaijani Language)

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This article advances the thesis about ironic sense of discourse to be primordially the result of linquocreative thinking. Linquocreativity expresses itself in two forms: a) it arises on the level of non- ironic and neutral senses of expressions as “the secondary modus nomination”, b) it is formed on the basis of ready paremio-phraseological constructions with ironic senses, “turning” the ironic sense of the base expression into the necessary subject of the communicative-pragmatic course for the speaker. Consequently, on the basis of formation of ironic sense there is anyhow a linquocreative mechanism.

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Khalida kizi Babashova

Baku Slavic University

The Chair of General And Russian Linquistics


Copyright (c) 2015 Бабашова Х.к.

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