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This study is devoted to the analysis of the characteristics of Russian orthography which seems to be very relevant from the point of view of modern linguistics. There is evidence in the linguistic literature, that various types of exceptions are supported by problematic interpretations that resulted in unsystematic change in the spelling of the Russian language, determined by human individual characteristics and social factors. In this case, the analysis devoted to overcoming the difficulties in grammar, not only Russian, but also in other languages is especially significant. The practical value of the study is stipulated by the fact that its theoretical principles, practical results, the proposed treatment of the contradictions of grammar can be used in training courses for the general, comparative-historical, typological and comparative linguistics, as well as in research work with students of philological and linguistic specialties of higher education.

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A L Tolstaja

FGBOU VPO Southwest State University


Copyright (c) 2016 Толстая А.Л.

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