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The article treats some particularities of Basque national humor that we investigate on the material of jokes. Due to the anthropocentric orientation of modern science, including linguistics, the study of a particular linguistic world picture through discourse analysis is of particular importance for the development of human knowledge. The selected framework of investigation not only permits identify the common characteristics of the concept of “humor”, but also lets us clarify the values of a certain ethnic group, in this case of the Basque one, distinguish the particularities of their life, traditions and behavior. The analysis of Basque linguoculture is of great practical importance since this ethnic group is one of the least studied in the anthropological and linguistic aspects, and therefore represents a broad field of research. The information that we can obtain while investigating Basque jokes can be used in the following in teaching linguoculture and can be a secret clue to successful intercultural communication.

About the authors

Y V Fernandez Sanchez

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Department of Foreign Languages Faculty of Philology


Copyright (c) 2016 Фернандес Санчес Ю.В.

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