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This article deals with the main ways of forming slang vocabulary in English. In the research process, the author has used extensive scientific literature in order to identify the group of derivatives of words formed by morphological method, namely by means of affixation representing a process of adding affixes to the root or base of the word; by means of combining the bases of two or more words producing a compound word; by using such methods as contamination and shortening, as well as by using method of concatenation, meaning to acquire a new connotation and the expansion of the semantic “chain” of the word. In addition, borrowing plays not unimportant part in building slang vocabulary in English. For this reason, the author demonstrates basic information about the national history and language situation of Great Britain, the USA, Canada, New Zealand and other countries in the English - speaking world in order to identify similarities and differences in their indications.

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A N Gamov

International Slavonic Institute

The Chair of Foreign Languages


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