The Cultural Aspect of M.B. Kenin-Lopsan Scientific Work

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The article is devoted to some aspects of the scientific work of the outstanding Tuvan writer Mongush Borakhovich Kenin-Lopsan, Doctor of Historical Sciences, People’s Writer of the Republic of Tyva, Honored Worker of Culture of the Tuva Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Honored Scientist of the Republic of Tuva, Full Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, holder of the international title “Living Treasure of Shamanism”. Being the permanent president of the republican society of shamans “Dungur” and the only connoisseur of the secret knowledge of the ancient religion at the moment, he reveals to the reader its basic ideological concepts, explains the essence of ritual practice and attributes of shamans. The scientific works of M. Kenin-Lopsan are gaining more and more value in connection with the new phenomena of neoshamanism, the inclusion in the traditional system of innovations that distort the understanding of the national religion of Tuvans. A study of his works leads us to the conclusion that the scientist reveals the general features of the ancient culture of the SayanAltai Turks of the pre-Mongol period of Tuva. He recorded the unique stories of the best connoisseurs of folklore and traditions of Tuvans during the Soviet era, when interest in traditional culture was considered as a manifestation of nationalism

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Ailana K. Kuzhuget

Tuvan Institute of Humanities and Applied Social and Economic Research under the Government of the Republic of Tuva

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Cultural Studies, Chief Research Fellow

4, Str. Kochetova, Kyzyl, 667000, Russian Federation


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