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The year 2018 ended for our University with a large-scale Conference “Bi-, Poly-, Translingualism and Language Education”. For the fourth time, RUDN gave scientists from Russia, the CIS and other countries a platform for exchanging views, both pro and contra. What is literary bilingualism and is it possible to evaluate it only positively? Are there objective ways to describe personal - and collective - language being? What should be the approach to language teaching in a bilingual audience in order to achieve maximum effect? The conceptual field of the philological direction “Polylinguality”, as the results of the Conference showed, is gradually enriched by new methodological developments, tools and hypotheses. On the pages of the first issue (G.T. Khukhuni, I.I. Valuitseva, V.R. Amineva, L.N. Yuzmukhametova, A.S. Demchenko) we would like to offer you the most interesting reports. Our special pride is Complementary speech by Professor Steven Kellman, an expert in the field of artistic translinguism. The text is accompanied by a video link. Our regular heading “Language Contacts” is devoted to the problem of language transmission. The “Literary Dimension” will open to you the names of talented translingual authors, allowing you to penetrate the poetic subtleties of the worlds they create. The Round Table in this issue we dedicate to the memory of the outstanding scientist, the author of the theory of System typology of languages G.P. Melnikov. Each theory must pass a strength test. We are waiting for your pro et contra. Sincerely, Editor-in-Chief V.P. Sinyachkin, Vice-Editor U.M. Bakhtikreeva

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