Features of Creating the Verbal Image of Belarusian Politician (on the Example of Candidates’ to Parliament Speeches)

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In the modern political system of Belarus the debates genre has appeared in public life of the country quite recently. The analysis of views, attitudes and beliefs of politicians is not only the special interest of political science but also of speech practice which gives a complex data to identify the image formation features of a politician’s speech. The article presents interdisciplinary approach to the verbal image phenomenon, including political linguistics, linguistics of conflicts, linguistic identity as the methodological basis. The analysis of political concepts, myths, frames of ordinary consciousness that form implicite basis of image-texts helps us to describe tactics and strategies, using by Speaker for impressinf His/Her Audience. The examples of TV debates, candidates’ speeches in other media have been taken from the latest election campaign in Belarus.

About the authors

Denis V Biarozka

Belarusian State University

Author for correspondence.
Email: berezkodv@tut.by

Manager of the Sector of Legal Work

8, Leningradskaya str., Minsk, 220030, Republic of Belarus


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