No 3 (2008)


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Renascence of Russian Sociology and its Development in Post-Soviet Period

Gorshkov M.K.


The report, delivered at the anniversary session of Institute of Sociology and Institute of Socio-Political Research with Russian Academy of Science, analyses the history of Sociology in Russia and substantiates incentives for its further development concerning both inner and outer relations of sociologic community.
RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2008;(3):9-17
pages 9-17 views

Self-determination and Substantiation of Paradigm

Akimkin E.M.


The article given describes the author's view on theoretical ideas by T.M. Dridze as well as on the derivative social technologies relevant to local self-government. Besides, the article touches upon interactions between scientific community and municipal authority, in particular municipal consulting. The author maintains that prediction social projection based upon ecoanthropocentric paradigm of social cognition and semiosociopsychologic concept of social communication should be interpreted as socially oriented management consulting of municipal development.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2008;(3):18-28
pages 18-28 views

Authority and Intellectuals

Batygin G.S.


The article analyses the «authority and intellectuals» problem through the concepts of L. Edwards' sociology of revolution. The author singles out «the transfer of intellectuals loyalty», i.e. modification of values and conduct within the groups, responsible for culturally legitimate «image of the world», who support this or that institutional forms of social order and authority. The process is seen as one of the symptoms of approaching revolution with its preconditions, mechanisms and character.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2008;(3):29-37
pages 29-37 views

(Con)temporary Art: Aesthetic Practices of Modernism and Their Theoretical Account

Podvoysky D.G., Zhurakovskaya P.B.


The article gives an overview of the special features of modernist art as a complex sociocultural phenomenon. Aesthetic practices, characteristic for this period in art history, would be examined within the broad context of impacts and tendencies that constitute originality of Modernity and its social structures. The midpoints of conceptions of Modern Art by Clement Greenberg, Theodor W. Adorno and Umberto Eco are highlighted and analyzed.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2008;(3):38-52
pages 38-52 views

Social Regulation of Nonlinear Processes Under Uncertainty

Chuprov V.I.


The article researches into the mechanisms of social self-regulation of nonlinear processes by the example of changing youth values. That gives a certain theoretical explanation of social regulation within modern societies and of rationalization of uncertainty.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2008;(3):53-65
pages 53-65 views

Perception of Migrants in Russia and in Europe: Comparative Analysis

Arutiunova E.M.


Migration growth is now observed all over the world. To form proper migration policies it is necessary to research into perception of immigrants in different countries as well as factors affecting it. The article, based upon «European Social Study», considers migration attitudes in 25 countries.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2008;(3):66-73
pages 66-73 views

Specialists in Multisector Economy: Factors of Social Behaviour

Golenkova Z.T., Igitkhanian E.D.


The article considers the behaviour and values of «specialists» as a particular quantitatively representative group of modern Russian society. It gives a detailed description of their status and disposition dimensions such as wealth, income, living conditions, labour motivation as well as attitudes to economic and social institutions. The authors base their conclusions on the latest statistics and empiric sociological research.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2008;(3):74-88
pages 74-88 views

Middle Class Youth: Myth or Reality

Goliusova U.V.


Many researches both in Russia and abroad are concerned with the question of whether middle class exists in Russia and, if so, what its distinctive features are. The problem of particular interest is the sources of recruiting to that social group. One of its source clusters is youth. The article considers main traits of middle class youth, their self-identification and their perception of Russian middle class.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2008;(3):89-99
pages 89-99 views

Civic Identity in Moscow and Regions

Drobizheva L.M.


The article, basing on the latest sociologic research, analyzes civic identity in comparison with ethnic identity in different Russia's regions.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2008;(3):100-106
pages 100-106 views

Private Property in the Eye of Russians (Research Findings)

Ivanov V.N.


The onset and legalization of private property has become one of the most prominent milestones in the latest economic transformations in Russia. The article views the perception of public property as an important index of social well-being. The author substantiates his findings on the specific sociological research.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2008;(3):107-114
pages 107-114 views

On Social Expertise of Managerial Decisions

Dridze T.M.
RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2008;(3):115-119
pages 115-119 views

The Humanitarian and Social Sciences Faculty and The Priority National Project «Education»

Кryazheva-Kartseva E.V.
RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2008;(3):120-121
pages 120-121 views


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RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2008;(3):122-123
pages 122-123 views

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