No 1 (2009)


The Issue of Objectivity in Social Sciences

Kachkachishvili I.


The article is devoted to the analysis of the major approaches to the issue of objectivity pertaining to the humanities and offers different alternatives of its solution provided by the contemporary Western sociological thought.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2009;(1):5-16
pages 5-16 views

The Continuous State of Society and Space in the Sociological Discourse of the Mid-to-late XXth Century

Zavalishin А.Y.


The author provides the rationale for the relevance of the continuity concept incorporation into Russian sociological discourse, identifies the approaches to its analysis available in Western theoretical sociology.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2009;(1):17-30
pages 17-30 views

Conceptual Approaches to the Problem of War Organizations Legitimacy

Panteleev E.G.


The axis of the publication is the endeavor involving the sociological study of pivotal questions pertaining to armed struggle legitimization patterns via the nature of the struggle as well as by means of the specific agents' rights definition to be engaged in the struggle. Some conclusions concerning the future of the very concept of security and military dominance are derived from the study.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2009;(1):31-36
pages 31-36 views

Social Responsibility of the Media of Mass Communication In the Framework of Semiosociopsychological Paradigm

Ermizina E.V.


The article deals with the fundamental principles of semiosociopsychological paradigm and mass communication functions transformation in the contemporary society.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2009;(1):37-42
pages 37-42 views

The Peculiar Features of Intercultural Communication Discours

Moghilevich B.R.


Intercultural communication viewed as a tool for social interaction facilitation between the representatives of various cultures has acquired essential importance in the era of globalization. The current state of the society is characterized by the emergence of numerous social and cultural conflicts, the settlement of which requires efforts of all the conflicting parties. Therefore, the mankind is both able to and is to seek compromise as well as to use dialogue as the most optimal survival means. Due to the significance of the intercultural communication the European Council declared the year 2008 the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2009;(1):43-48
pages 43-48 views

Moldavian Population and the Issues of Tolerance in the Framework of the Contemporary Migration Processes

Moshnyaga V.


The urgency of the study of migration processes widespread in the contemporary world requires a detailed analysis. For this purpose the sociological research of citizens' attitude to migration was conducted at Moldova State University in 2006. The main results of the research are summarized in the paper.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2009;(1):49-61
pages 49-61 views

The Reproduction of the Academic Elite in the Context of the System of Higher Education (Based on the Results of the Sociological Research in Kharkov)

Omelchenko V.V.


The article is devoted to the analysis of the results of the sociological research conducted in the framework of the project «Scientific and Technical Elite of the Ukraine: the Patterns and Mechanisms of Formation in the Regional Dimension» (2005-2007). The author focuses his attention on the assessment of the condition of organization, information and logistic support of students' research and other components of academic pre-elite formation in the context of the system of higher education.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2009;(1):62-70
pages 62-70 views

System of Values and Patriotic Upbringing at the Contemporary Stage of Russian Society Development

Orlova V.V.


The article is devoted to the analysis of youth value system, the factors influencing its formation and acquisition as well as its specificity at the contemporary stage of Russian society development. The accomplished analysis serves as the basis for the conclusions regarding different forms of youth activity.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2009;(1):71-75
pages 71-75 views

Migration of population as a factor of ethnographic and confessional tension in the russian society

Dimaev A.R.


At present the adjustment of problems of interethnic and international relations in the entities of the Russian Federation refer to the actual tasks of the state control. One of the main factors of social and political tension in this branch is a migration factor. Problems of migration situation are examined for example, as the sociological research, which has been carried out in 12 entities of the Russian Federation, including entities of the South Administrative District.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2009;(1):76-81
pages 76-81 views

The Post-Retirement Crisis: Myth and Reality (Russia-France)

Kushtanina V.А.


The retirement is traditionally considered by sociologists as one of the critical stages of the individual life history implying the loss of one of the fundamental identity elements in the contemporary society - work. Although both Russia and France enjoy the similar retirement pension financing schemes, two alternative retirement age regulation schemes are provided. The article offers the analysis of the advantages and limitations of both schemes.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2009;(1):82-89
pages 82-89 views

Ranking of Higher Education Institutions: Ideology and Methodology of Development (Russian Practice)

Trotsuk I.V.


The article comprises the second part of the analytical review of ideology, methodology and actual practice of higher education institutions ranking development (the first part revealing the international experience was published in the second issue of the journal in 2008). The author examines the current circumstances of higher education institutions ranking and particular education programmes in Russia. Inparticular, the main approaches to ranking elaboration primarily associated with the authors’ and clients’ «status» and the appropriate goals of higher education institutions ranking are revealed in the paper.
RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2009;(1):90-97
pages 90-97 views

The Sociology Of Management: Issues of the Area Of Study Designation

Osipova M.A.


The paper examines the issues of the area of study designation of the sociology of management which can be seen as a set of social relations. The factors which stimulated the emergence of the sociology of management, its major developmental trends as well as its links with other disciplines are revealed.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2009;(1):98-105
pages 98-105 views

Festival of sciences in PFUR

Kvasova I.I., Osipova M.A.
RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2009;(1):106-108
pages 106-108 views


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RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2009;(1):109-109
pages 109-109 views

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