No 2 (2011)


Psycho-Semantic Methods in the Study of the Phenomenon of Loneliness

Puzanova Z.V.


In the article the author continues to introduce the reader to the findings of the exploratory research aimed to reconstruct some structural elements of the phenomenon of loneliness. In this instance, the article describes the application of psycho-semantic methods used in combination with the method of unfinished sentences. The approach used in the article enables the author to study loneliness turning directly to the affective level of the respondents' emotions.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(2):5-14
pages 5-14 views

Textual Analysis within Sociological Research: Terminological Rather Than Methodological Difficulties?

Trotsuk I.V.


The article aims at providing some clear distinctions between different types of textual analysis that have different but sometimes interconnected theoretical and methodological grounds. Terminological confusions and the lack of clear-cut instructions for the empirical study of textual data within sociological research impede such research.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(2):15-23
pages 15-23 views

Strategies of Social Mapping of Public Participation: (social-territorial context)

Skalaban I.A.


At the time of social reform in social-territorial communities, it is impossible to encourage public participation without a clear understanding of its specific features and potential. The article examines a rarely used method for diagnosing public participation in the social-territorial context - the method of social mapping. The author reveals the essence of the method, identifies and describes the main strategies of social mapping of public participation used in today's social research in Russia and other countries.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(2):24-36
pages 24-36 views

The Language of Consumer Society: Communicative Role of Thing

Kurilova A.S., Tikhaze D.K.


In this paper an attempt is made to examine the function of things in today's consumer society with its specific language objectified in everyday consumer practices. The main idea of consumption today is not to satisfy material needs, but to establish and maintain cultural exchange. Things in modern society are considered to be a new instrument of communication with its specific norms and codes. The authors consider the language of things on the macro- and micro-levels, projecting it onto the norms and rules of the natural language. In spite of the total illusion of abundance of goods in consumer society people are not free in their choice, use and combination of things, as the structure of the consumer society's language (like that of the natural language) determines the structure of thinking. This paper reveals the smallest parts of the language of things (graphemes in the natural language) with examples of small parts of things that can give the whole information about the thing. Brands play a decisive role in the processes of choosing, buying and amassing things.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(2):37-43
pages 37-43 views

Intellectuals and the Authorities: the Role in the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia (a sociologist's notes)

Petrusek M.


The article is devoted to the evaluation of the role and place of intellectuals in the ideological preparation of the Velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia in November, 1989. It examines the sociological conceptions of revolution, and their applicability to the analysis of the November events. In the analysis of the subsequent evolution of the Czech republic, the author notes the difficulties of the transition from a post-totalitarian society to the market economy, describes the social-economic system, which emerged as a result of the revolution, characterized by consumerism, domination of mass culture etc, which turned out to be a far cry from what the mass, carried away with a certain euphoria, had expected.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(2):44-55
pages 44-55 views

From Post-Kolkhoz to Oligarkhoz

Nikulin A.M.


The article analyses the materials of field studies carried out in two villages of the region of Perm, reflecting the history of post-soviet agrarian development. The successes and failures of political and economic initiatives in Russia depend on the ability to introduce new agrarian projects into the traditional foundations of life of the rural communities.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(2):56-68
pages 56-68 views

The Hollywood Educational Work: Welcome to Zombieland (Ruben Fleischer, 2009)

Rogozin D.M.


In the public discourse, cinematic views on the analysis of movies traditionally prevail. The author suggests another approach: in the course of the experiment aimed to reveal the audience's perception of the film „Welcome to Zombieland the author discovers an atypical interpretation of this horror film as an instrument of educating the young generation, those features of the ideological message of the film that can transform any genre into, it would seem, its complete opposite - a collection of contemporary society norms and behavior patterns. The main conclusion of the article is that the perception of a film is a complex social action which always goes beyond any cinematic interpretations.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(2):69-78
pages 69-78 views

Chinese Cosmopolitanism and the System of Higher Education in 1970-2000

Sidorova A.V.


The article defines cosmopolitanism in China through the prisms of nationalism, multiculturalism and consumerism. This definition makes it possible to better understand the proliferation of interactive, or high-quality, cosmopolitanism through the activity of state agencies in modern China. In this article the system of higher education is presented as one of the most significant state agency, which has a strong, though indirect, influence on accepting the principles of cosmopolitan approach for further self-advancement of individuals. It is substantiated that the quantitative limitations of the opportunities in the higher education system can be overcome by developing a collective level of cosmopolitanism.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(2):79-86
pages 79-86 views

Young People's Migration and its Impact on Preserving Ethnic Features (on the Example of Kalmyks)

Namruyeva L.V.


The article views Labor migration as a means to solve unemployment problems in the republic. Migration shows not only the mobility of the population but it also reflects the life standards of the Kalmyk people in the past decade. Every year thousands of qualified specialists leave the region, which requires that they should comply with the new models of behavior and social standards that differ fundamentally from the mode of life in the agrarian Kalmyk republic. The megapolis changes the morals, values and ethnic features of labor migrants, imparting to them new elements of culture different from their ethnic nature. In the course of adaptation of Kalmyk-migrants to the conditions of the modern poly-ethnic city people tend to get estranged from their traditional ethno-environment, which eventually results in their loss of their native language and other elements of ethnic culture, unique traditions and customs gradually disappear, and the problem of preserving ethnicity in the Kalmyk diaspora arises.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(2):87-92
pages 87-92 views

Civil Society and Social Justice: Interdependency of the Concepts and Specificity of the Russian Interpretation

Karagod Y.G.


The article studies the specific features and evolution prospects of civil society in contemporary Russia. The author analyses the obstacles in the way of civil reforming of the country. The concept of civil society is considered in unity with the concept of social justice.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(2):93-98
pages 93-98 views

Labor Economics and Sociology of Labor: Demarkation Problem

Lebedev S.N.


The article deals with important economic and sociological problems taking into account their relevance to economics and sociology of labor as two independent sciences. The author suggests some demarcation boundaries of the concepts relevant to contemporary life within these two disciplines.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(2):99-109
pages 99-109 views

Government Modernization: the Basic Directions and Innovations

Potekhin V.A.


The article is devoted to the problem of modernizing public administration in contemporary Russia. The main focus in the paper is on reforming the most essential areas of management activity, making it possible to raise the efficiency and productivity of public administration.

RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(2):110-117
pages 110-117 views


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RUDN Journal of Sociology. 2011;(2):118-119
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