Career and technical education system: Estimates and opinions of the graduates

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The article is based on the results of the project “Education, labor market and social behavior of the youth under the current economic situation”, in which the sociological study of the professional orientations and plans of the Russian career and technical schools graduates was conducted. The graduates explained their reasons for the career choice, and what factors influenced such a decision, discussed their plans after graduation, expressed their opinions on the quality of education and the educational level necessary to be successful in life. According to the research data, the graduates aim to pursue a higher education degree to become more competitive in the labor market. For most of them, the career and technical education system is an intermediate, “secondary” step in the planned life trajectory. The research data also show significant differences in the motives of certain groups, for instance, students of medical and pedagogical colleges are more committed to the moral values of serving the society than those who plan to work in the commercial sector, service sector, etc. Thus, the data of the study is useful for planning and changing the state and departmental policies in both career and technical education and higher education.

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A T Gasparishvili

Institute of Sociology of Russian Academy of Sciences

Author for correspondence.


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