The “Strong” and “Weak” Social Science: A Look through the Prism of Russian Realities

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The article proposes to introduce and apply the concepts of “strong” and “weak” science, which in their research focus on the cognitive practices of social sciences. A “strong” social science (in a region or in the world) is a science whose representatives hold the leading position in the process of producing social knowledge as a whole. A “weak” social science is a science whose representatives occupy the position of outsiders in the production of social knowledge. The transformation of Russian social science from “weak” to “strong” requires the following prerequisites: leaning on the “inner” reserves; state support; development of freedom and democracy, as well as active national non-government foundations; and development of inter-disciplinary and poly-disciplinary research.

About the authors

A M Orekhov

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Chair of Social Philosophy


Copyright (c) 2016 Sociology

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