Social well-being and information behavior of the youth in the Republic of Khakassia

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The article considers social well-being and information behavior of the youth in the Republic of Khakassia focusing on the youth expectations and aspirations, relationships with the state, desires to be useful to one’s social circle, society and the state, and on the forms in which the state should provide assistance and support for young generations. The author evaluates the level of the youth trust in various social institutions, particular elements and actors of the political system that determine both the willingness to participate in protests and the problems young generations face in the Republic of Khakassia. After that the author focuses on the youth interaction with the contemporary information environment: describes the structure and levels of the youth communicative needs in the media space (Internet, television, printed media), and the ways the youth satisfies such needs; identifies the youth basic sources of information about events taking place in the country and the world, the frequency and reasons for the Internet use as well as preferred points of Internet access. The article presents a rating of popular social networks and TV channels and describes the needs of young people in social networks and the most discussed topics there; identifies the most popular ways to watch TV channels and the most interesting TV programs for the youth referring to the data of the survey conducted to reveal Khakassia youth opinions on the necessity of a special youth television channel and programs. The article concludes with the assessment of the youth communicative needs satisfaction through leisure activities and various sources of information.

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T B Shigolakova

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Chair of Sociology


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