Traditional values of Russian professionals under the modernization

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The paper considers the attitudes of the Russian professionals to the innovations based on the values that developed during three centuries of modernization. The author defines the concept ‘modernity’ as a flexible technological system with the deep labor division and high specialization, formalized social interaction and limited individual agency. The article considers norms and values as external and internal regulators of the professionals’ choices and activities. The external regulation plays the key role in the technological system of the postmodern type, while the Russian and Soviet industrialism gave priority to the regulation through the values. The author shows that the Russian professionals perceive modernization as both the scientific-industrial progress and the comprehensive development of a personality; such a progressivist interpretation of the professional work combines professional and civil values. Modern institutional innovations implemented under the reforms in different branches can be divided into two groups - accepted and rejected by the professionals. The main criteria of these innovations’ estimates is preservation of the human agency in the professional-managerial sphere, and at the same time reflexivity and value-based social actions.

About the authors

O V Aksenova

Institute of Sociology of Russian Academy of Sciences

Author for correspondence.
Moscow, Russia


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