Pictorial Background Base and Connotations of Set Expressions

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A certain amount of phraseological units formed on the basis of zoolexis in Turkic languages coincide not only in meaning, but also in the structure and image representation, and are based on a single internal form. The majority of set expressions, proverbs, riddles, tongue twisters in the Kazakh language, depicting various aspects of life, are grouped around the words denoting the properties and quality of animals and pets. In any language the origins of phraseological units are related both to the grammatical structure of language and some extralinguistic factors.

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S K Satenova

The Eurasian National University n. a. Lev Gumilyov

Email: ssatenova@mail.ru <mailto:ssatenova@mail.ru>
Кафедра общего языкознания и теории перевода; Евразийский национальный университет им. Л.Н. Гумилева; The Eurasian National University n. a. Lev Gumilyov


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