Compositional-Topical Modules of Content of Scientific-Popular Genre, Characterizing Subject Area “GEOGRAPHY” (on the material of “National Geographic”)

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In the given article an attempt is made to ground a process of model forming of scientific-popular genre, characterizing subject area “ Geography ”. In the research work compositional-topical modules of content of scientific-popular article’s genre, presenting Geography are examined. In this connection text corpus, in which the description of each module is presented, is being studied. The structure of scientific-popular article, describing Geography is formed up by pragmatically informative factors in the combination of subordinate discourse and classification features. The main elements such as: people’s activity, monitoring of environment, natural calamities, fauna and flora (with detailed description of each problems), characterizing them as descriptive, are defined here.

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S N Semenova

Kuban State University



Copyright (c) 2016 Theory of Language. Semiotics. Semantics

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