Abu Ubaidah’s “Majaz Al-Qur’an” as the Beginning of a New Trend in the Practice of Tafsir

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Abu Ubaidah’s “Majaz al-Qur'an” is the first book on the linguistic analysis of the text of the Holy Qur'an, which has survived to our days. This author stands out among others because his research was the first research and analysis of the style of writing of Qur'an and it was the beginning of the first stage of criticizm in the Arabic literary in general. The author emphasizes that there is little difference between the use of metaphors in the language of Qur'an and Arabic poetry, or in general in the Arabic language of the period. It is also noted that Arabs widely used metaphors in their oral speech, both before and after the revelation of Qur'an to the prophet of God. In fact, the author wrote the above-mentioned book, not only for Arabs, but also to facilitate the understanding of Qur'an, something like a textbook. In general, the mentioned work of Abu Ubaidah on the linguistic analysis and interpretation of Qur’an led to the emergence of a new direction in the linguistic analysis of Qur’an. This work has actually paved the way for this research, and it has greatly eased the work of interpreters and representatives of philological science.

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Khenul Mamedova

Baku State University

Author for correspondence.
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