Constructions with the borrowed preposition «à la» in the Russian language: variation of the logical structure of comparison

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In this article the structures with the preposition «a-la» («а-ля») are investigated through the prism of the variation of the logical structure of the comparison. The main methods of the research are the distributional and contextual analysis. In the lexicographical sources xenisme «a-la» is interpreted by native prepositions with the meaning of comparison, assimilation. The borrowed preposition is stylistically marked: refers to the colloquial style and characterized by a reduced stylistic colouring - it brings tot he context the the shades of playfulness, familiarity, irony, satire. From the parts of speech point of view the distributors of the preposition are presented by nouns and adverbs. However, the bulk of distributors are the nouns and - «Nим и N». The distributors of the prepositions are the words, phrases, sentences, half-predicatives and combinations of words. Deploying of the logical structure of comparison in the constructions is determined by the syntactic position of preposition. In predicative position actualized the logical structure ACmB , in the substantive position - Amβ . The typical structures of the logical comparison in the word combinations can be refined by introducing components α, β and C .

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A V Petrov

V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University Tauride Academy

Vernadsky Avenue, 4, Republic of Crimea, Simferopol, Russia, 295007


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