No 1 (2014)


The Ecological Competence of Future Specialists

Gagarin A.V., Ivaschenko A.V.


The study aims at identifying the essence-functional and structure- and content-related particularities of future employees’ environmental competence, as well as the conditions and factors of its development. It features the results of the theoretical and empirical analysis of the issue and outlines the prospects for future research.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2014;(1):5-13
pages 5-13 views

Components of Elitizing Educational and Pedagogical Environment of Higher School

Karabuschenko N.B., Pilishvili T.S., Chkhikvadze T.V.


The need of creating an elitilizing educational and pedagogical environment of the university is substantiated in the paper. There are analyzed such equal ranking components as psycho-didactic, educational, spatially-material, social, psycho-physiological, cultural-aesthetic, creative activity-based, worldview components.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2014;(1):14-20
pages 14-20 views

Methodology of Vector-Contextual Approach in Post-Non-Classical Science and Education

Madzhuga A.G., Sinitsyna I.A.


This article examines the theoretical and methodological foundations of the new approach to psychological and educational research, the vector-contextualized approach, reveals its essence. The scientific principles underlying the vector-contextual approach are scientifically substantivated. It presents the comparative analysis of the environmental, vector-contextualized and synergistic approaches and shows their role in the post-non-classical scientific knowledge.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2014;(1):21-27
pages 21-27 views

System apProach To studying phenomenon of self-realization of individual

Shogoreva E.U.


This article analyzes the phenomenon of self-realization. The author of the article is trying to consider the self-realization from the position of the system paradigm. That position allows looking into the problem of self-realization and the factors of self-realization in a new way.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2014;(1):28-33
pages 28-33 views

Color Features of Object Names

Chudina Y.A.


The results of the experimental research of subjective discrimination of color object features, specified by the nouns of the Russian language, have been described in the article. The received data were interpreted in terms of E.N. Sokolov and Ch.A. Izmailov’s spherical model of differentiating stimuli. The subjective model of color discrimination derived on the basis of nouns comparison corresponds with the spherical model of discrimination of the color features represented by the Russian language adjectives.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2014;(1):34-41
pages 34-41 views

Problems of Tolerance and Adaptability of Personality in Polycultural Society

Kudinov S.I., Kudinov S.S.


The results of the empirical research on the relationship of tolerance and adaptability of the students belonging to different ethnic groups and cultures are analyzed in the article. The comparative analysis of the adaptability in the respondents with high and low tolerance levels is carried out.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2014;(1):42-48
pages 42-48 views

Dynamics of Values in Vietnamese Students in Russia

Maslova O.V., Bui Duc Tuan -.


The article presents the results of a longitudinal study to identify the dynamics of the terminal and instrumental values of Vietnamese students.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2014;(1):49-54
pages 49-54 views

Formation of Tolerance in Students of Classical Higher Schools with Values of Physical Education

Budarnikov A.A., Kozlov A.V.


The paper presents the current status and problems of physical education in the classical higher school, developing the idea of orienteering sports and recreation activities in higher school towards the formation of tolerance in students with the help of physical education.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2014;(1):55-59
pages 55-59 views

Linguistic Characteristics and Psychological Features of Speech Activity Products of Students with Second Signaling System Domination

Mirchetich M.A., Fomina N.A.


The paper presents the multilevel, complex research results of the texts as products of individual speech activity of the students with the second signaling system domination, which allows to estimate the personality features of the students by means of their speech.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2014;(1):60-66
pages 60-66 views

Reflexivity as a control factor of personal coping behavior

Bekhter A.A.


The article deals with the issue of coping behavior control. The author defines the criteria, levels and aspects of reflexivity within the framework of personal coping behavior. In conclusion the author describes the key facets of coping behavior control and how reflexivity affects them.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2014;(1):67-71
pages 67-71 views

Psychological Factors of Emotional Burning out of Teachers

Sedova I.V.


The results of an empirical research of the levels of the emotional burning out of teachers and their relation with the behaviour strategies in conflict situations are submitted in the article. The direct relationship between the avoiding strategy in conflict and the phases of “tension” and “resistance” is proven.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2014;(1):72-76
pages 72-76 views

Self-Actualization of Youth Subculture Members (Role-Playing Movement as an Example)

Zhuravleva A.S.


The article is dedicated to the research of youth subculture members’ self-actualization (role-playing movement as an example). It describes certain characteristics of role-players’ self-actualization, its structure, and also its gender and age specific features. It has been proven that the level of self-actualization of the members of the role-playing movement is higher than of the people who are not interested in it and that taking part in role-playing games is a more significant factor for the self-actualization of the personality than the gender and age of the players.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2014;(1):77-82
pages 77-82 views

Working out Migratory Attitudes Scale of Personality

Kuznetsova S.A., Kuznetsov I.U., Feschenko A.V.


In the article the first cycle of working out the migratory attitude scale is presented. The results of the research of the migratory attitudes in Magadan young people show the adequacy of theoretical hypotheses and the validity of the estimation procedure. The scale application has rendered possible to obtain the data about the age features of migratory attitudes.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2014;(1):83-90
pages 83-90 views

Rivalry Determinants of Interpersonal Relations between Medical Staff Members

Levchenko V.V.


The article analyses and systematizes the results of the empirical study, which refine the differentiating effect of the relations of rivalry to different aspects of the life of a group and confirm that rivalry presents one of the essential determinants of formation and functioning of group and personality.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2014;(1):91-98
pages 91-98 views

Representation of Children and Childhood in Russian Channel Information Programs

Logunova O.S.


The article is based on the secondary analysis of the results of the content analysis of the information programs of the major Russian TV channels. The context and tone of the topic of childhood mentioned in these programs are considered. The analysis reveals the trend of depressive and catastrophic coverage of the group.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2014;(1):99-106
pages 99-106 views

Features of Designing and Developing Information Educational Environment in Conditions of Modern School: Synergetic Approach

Iliyasova E.N.


The article considers the conceptual foundations of synergetics as a universal methodology of cognition of the essence of the educational phenomena. The peculiarities of designing the developing information educational environment in the conditions of a modern school, based on the regularities of the synergetic approach, are shown.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2014;(1):107-112
pages 107-112 views

Component Analysis of Main Categories of Reflective and Creative Approach to Teaching Medical Students

Razdorskaya O.V.


The results of system analysis of the notions “reflection” and “creativity” are presented, the peculiarities of their interrelation by the example of social and cultural aspect of a future health care provider’s professional activity are defined.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2014;(1):112-117
pages 112-117 views

PSI CHI at PFUR: First Russian Chapter of the International Honor Society in Psychology

Takooshian H., Novikova I.A., Chebotareva E.Y.


The publication is devoted to the installation of the first Russian PSI CHI Chapter that took place on 11 October 2013 at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2014;(1):118-123
pages 118-123 views

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