Look into the Eyes of the Beasts. Book Review: Yakhina G.Sh. Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes. Moscow: AST: Redakcya Eleny Shubinoi, 2015.108 p.

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About the authors

Anna V. Zhuchkova

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Author for correspondence.
Email: capra@mail.ru

Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of the Department of Russian and Foreign Literature

6, St. Miklukho-Maklaya, Moscow, 117198, Russian Federation


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  2. Zhuchkova, A.V. 2016. “Poedinok zhizni so smert’yu na stranitsakh sovremennogo romana”. Voprosy literatury 5: 67—80. Print. (In Russ.)
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Copyright (c) 2020 Zhuchkova A.V.

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