“Historical Avanguard” of the 1960-th: Features of Manifestation in the Tatar Poetry

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In the article specifics of the vanguard phenomena in the Tatar poetry of 1960-s are revealed. On material of the analysis of the extensive case of works of R. Gatash, S. Khakeem, R. Fayzulin, Rob. Akhmetzyanov, etc. it is established that vanguard literature is created with adressing to the prepared reader and characterized by such lines as intellectuality and philosophicality. It is oppositional in relation to official ideology and reflects critical evaluation of the orders existing in the country by means of Aesopian language, expansion of semantic range of traditional images, uses of methods of symbolical typification. The typological community with “historical vanguard” in the Russian literature of the same period is revealed and processes of national and cultural identification of literary and art systems are characterized. Concepts “home ground”, “the people (nation)”, “our past” became the key categories of vanguard in the Tatar poetry of the middle of the XX century promoting creation of new contours of the literature.

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Dania F. Zagidullina

Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan

Author for correspondence.
Email: zagik63@mail.ru

Doctor of Philology, Professor, Vice-President of the State Scientific Institution “Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan”.

Bauman St., 20, Kazan, 420111, Russian Federation


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