Society as a “context” of art production and the phenomenon of feature films citation in connection with the notion of national identity

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The reason for creating any work of art and above all, “secondary reality” of a film is the lack or excess of something in society, the desire of the masses to realize the primary reality and its transformation [1]. Artistic cinematography, carrying a load specific for the era and culture, implements all the functions of mass communication: informational, educational, institutional, entertaining, communicative. Therefore, the film can become an object of investigation motivating for study and to give knowledge about the living modern Russian language in all its diversity through knowledge about Russian society and culture. Cinematography is unthinkable outside of public consciousness and beingness as well as the social being is unimaginable without magic “blue screen” at the present moment.

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E L Koudrjavtseva

International methodical council for multilingualism and cross-cultural communication



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