RUSSIANISMS IN LANGUAGE CONSCIOUSNESS OF KAZAKHS(on materials of associative experiment)

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The article is devoted to the research of Kazakh language consciousness fragment, challenging the influence of the Russian language culture in modern post-soviet area of sovereign Kazakhstan. The article examines the materials of massive free associative experiments (FAE) with representatives of modern Kazakh youths - students of different South-Kazakhstan higher educational institutions fixing the Russian vocabulary elements functioning in Kazakh language consciousness. Using the materials of the Kazakh associative dictionary, the author of the article (one of the dictionary compilers) develops reasoning on materials of dictionary articles of word-stimulus, presenting conceptually essential for any ethnos triad MAN - FAMILY - PEOPLE’S and comes to persuasion, that basic moral and ethical presentations of title ethnos of Kazakhstan correlate with the steady elements of the Russian language culture and contributes to the formation of mankind values and ideals.

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Zh I Moldanova

South Kazakhstan state pedagogical institute


Copyright (c) 2015 Moldanova Z.I.

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