NOVEL GENRE IN THE RUSSIAN LITERATURE OF KAZAKHSTAN(The end of the XX - beginning of the XXI centuries)

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In article the author speaks about the dominating place of a novelistic genre in modern literary process, and also data that modern novelistic texts became others from the point of view of style are stated. There is a speech about modern writers who irrespective of their belonging to this or that direction and a current, seek to comprehend destiny of the young intellectual in modern society. The author raises the question that the confessionary prose in the form of diaries, memoirs, memoirs, etc. became one of kinds of the modern Kazakhstan novel. Article contains a large number of examples and quantitative data of an illyustriruyushcha and the confirming basic provisions of article. Besides in article are cited novels of writers which open a novel genre in the Russian literature of Kazakhstan.

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K O Tattimbetova

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


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