The journal "Vestnik Rossijskogo universiteta družby narodov. Seriâ Voprosy obrazovaniâ: âzyki i specialʹnost'" (parallel title in English (until 2017): Bulletin of Russian Peoples’ Friendship University. Series Problems of education: languages and speciality) began counting its biography in 2004. By this time, the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, the publisher and organization on the basis of which the editorial office of the journal began to work, had accumulated significant teaching experience Russian as a foreign language (RFL), Russian as a native and non-native, foreign language.

Schools appeared with their own teaching methods, which necessitated coverage of various teaching methods and practices, as well as raising discussion questions at the contest site (contest - polemics, disputes). First of all, for this reason, the Coordinating Council of Scientific Journals of the RUDN University decided to create a series of journal that would enable experienced philologists, linguists, teachers, young teachers (assistants, graduate students) to publish their work, share experience, pose questions, seek answers. The journal was published on the basis of the Department of the Russian language of the Faculty of the Russian language and general education disciplines.

Since 2015, the journal has been transferred to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the RUDN University. The composition of the editorial board has changed, which is guided by the principles of its predecessors: the journal continues to publish scientific works in the field of linguodidactics, methods of teaching languages, linguistics, applied linguistics, pedagogy, active processes in languages ​​and cultures, a variety of bi- and multilingual processes, unique code switchings, transculturation, an increase in translingual practices, insufficient knowledge of translingual (local) literatures, the intellectual focus of the journal is changing.

In 2016, articles on theoretical and historical cultural studies were accepted for publication. The journal is international in terms of materials, in the composition of authors and reviewers. Thematic headings varied, but always reflected the spectrum of the declared scientific priorities of the journal.

The journal is addressed to a wide range of representatives of humanitarian knowledge.

Until 2018 (for issue No. 2 inclusive) - key title officially registred by ISSN Center: Vestnik Rossijskogo universiteta družby narodov. Seriâ Voprosy obrazovaniâ: âzyki i specialʹnostʹ

Parallel title in English (until 2017): Bulletin of Russian Peoples’ Friendship University. Series Problems of education: languages and speciality

From No. 3 2018 - the new name of the journal "Polylinguality & Transcultural Practices".

The journal will introduce a number of special sections focusing on the range of the series research priorities.

The journal is addressed to philologists, philosophers, scholars in cultural studies, specialists in Language education and Applied Linguistics. Its authors are PhDs, post-graduate students, PhD candidates and MA students both from Russia and abroad.

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