No 4 (2013)


Experimental check of students’ of higher education institutions learning efficiency to technologies of information security in conditions of fundamentalization of education

Grinshkun V.V., Dimov E.D.


In article the results of the pedagogical experiment confirming efficiency of developed by authors on the basis of system and activity approach of a technique of training of students of higher education institutions to technologies of information security in the conditions of a fundamentalization of education are stated.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(4):5-12
pages 5-12 views

Invariant practical tasks for work with text documents at the secondary school

Kartashova L.I., Levchenko I.V., Pavlova A.E.


In article examples of practical tasks on creation, editing and formatting of text documents focused on pupils of the secondary school are given. Tasks have invariant character and don't depend on concrete software.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(4):13-17
pages 13-17 views

Thesaurus as the basis of communication in solving problems in computer science

Lukina L.A., Sidorova N.V., Kuzina N.G.


The article defines the concept of communication, discusses the features of communication in solving problems, describes the role of specific and logical subtezaurusov in establishing communication in the process of solving problems between subject and object.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(4):18-22
pages 18-22 views

Development of universal learning activities on lessons of computer science in high school

Chayka L.V.


Given article is devoted to the analysis of the problems of students universal learning activities in upper secondary school. The article describes the necessity of forming universal educational activities for computer science lessons in high school.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(4):23-26
pages 23-26 views

Interdisciplinary IT projects in development of electronic manuals on Russian as a foreign language for physicists

Gracheva O.A., Matukhin P.G., Elsgolts S.L.


Within the framework of interdisciplinary information technology projects mediacomplex is developed by teachers of Russian as a foreign language, informatics and physics. It includes presentation containing audio files, the set of tests for elementary physics course for the foreign students training. Tests are performed by means of the Hot Potatoes program. Different aspects of training and testing are considered. The article also describes the participation of the Department of Philology students in the interdisciplinary IT lingual projects.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(4):27-38
pages 27-38 views

The use of modern information technologies in teaching students of economics theory of probability

Detushev I.V., Dobritsa V.P.


This article discusses the use of the program «MathCAD» in teaching students of economic specialties of mathematics. It is shown that the use of this software product contributes to the effective development of methods for solving problems of the theory of probability.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(4):39-42
pages 39-42 views

New technologies wolframalpha while studying quantitative methods by bachelors

Vlasov D.A., Sinchukov A.V.


The purpose of this article — representation of the main results of research of didactic opportunities of the new WolframAlpha technologies when studying quantitative methods by students of a bachelor degree. Research is conducted on the example of realization of a method of the smallest squares (MMK, OLS, Ordinary Least Squares) — a basic, available and widely applied method of the regression analysis. This quantitative method offered by Charles Friedrich Gauss and Adrien Mari Legendre, is used for an assessment of unknown parameters of models of approximation (including regression models) on the experimental data having various substantial semantic loading.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(4):43-53
pages 43-53 views

General questions of methods of teaching fractal geometry to university students in conditions of fundamentalization of education

Kornilov V.S.


In article methodical aspects, components of fundamental training of students of physical and mathematical specialties of higher educational institutions of fractal geometry are discussed. The attention to use in the course of such training of means of informatization is paid.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(4):54-58
pages 54-58 views

Virtual museum of manuscripts in teaching humanitarian subjects

Panina N.L.


The author examines existing forms of representation of the book in museum's online resources and proposes a new approach for virtual museum of the manuscript, specifically focused on the educational purposes.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(4):59-66
pages 59-66 views

On the mechanism of associative memory and psychological technique of memory field information saturation in discourse as an aid of recollection

Chernyshov M.Y., Kaverzina A.V., Zhuravleva A.M., Chernyshova G.Y.


Psychologically grounded techniques, which have been practically tested and provide for efficient memorization and time-optimal recalling of materials by students, are proposed. Foundations of a teaching methodology, which presumes refinement of the system of thinking and memory of students, are discussed.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(4):67-78
pages 67-78 views

Electronic journal of student academic achievements

Kurinin I.N., Nardyuzhev V.I., Nardyuzhev I.V.


The article describes a method of using the electronic register as a tool for the effective organization of the practical work of the teacher in the conditions of informatization of educational process, widespread introduction of credit-modular system of education and continuous assessment of quality of mastering main educational programs by students. A variant of the electronic register developed by the authors and implemented in MS Excel is proposed.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(4):79-89
pages 79-89 views

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RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(4):90-92
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