Anglicisms in the Modern Internet Articles in French

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The Internet being a flexible language part is also the first to reflect any changes in all language levels. An average modern individual can hardly function without Internet. The French, in particular, spend hours in the Global Net to read articles full of English borrowings. English borrowings easily penetrate into French despite all efforts of French purists and the French Academy to save the language. The French are getting more and more involved into the global language process and use English equivalents instead of the native words. The article is an attempt to analyze the usage of such language items. There is also the investigation of possible approaches to classify English borrowings in receiving languages on the whole, and a special talk on the groups of English borrowings into the French Internet articles.

Liliya M Boukina

Moscow State Regional Socio-Humanities Institute


Larisa N Lunkova

Moscow State Regional Socio-Humanities Institute



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