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Dear colleagues, readers and authors! You are reading a scientific journal with a new name - “Russian Language Studies”. Our changing world demands new views and approaches reflecting the history, modern state of the Russian language, actual problems of its studying and teaching. The new name arose new journal sections “Modern Linguodidactics” and “Distance Russian Language Learning”. This issue can be called transitional because it contains articles on topics declared before the journal name changing. The issue is thematic. It is devoted to phonetics in linguodidactic aspect. You can read a review on phonetic researches actual for modern teaching methods of Russian as a foreign language, articles on comparative analysis of phoneme and sound modification in Russian and Persian languages, quality and length of Russian unstressed vowels as acoustic keys for identifying the word border, functional causality of word emphasis in oral scientific speech, correcting audio and articulatory skills of Norwegian students learning Russian.

V M Shaklein

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia



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