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Dear readers! In this issue, our traditional section “Literary Dimension” is preceded by a letter from the doctor of philological sciences, Professor Amineva Venera Rudalevna. One of the largest researchers of the “frontier literature”, a talented theorist and an experienced editor, Venera Rudalevna shares in this issue her vision of the problem of transcultural and translingual literature. Professor Amineva managed to form a rubric in such a way as to present you the panorama of modern Tatar Russian-language literature. Its authors are representatives of the already established literary school with its own hypotheses and research methods. Of particular interest are the literary texts of poets and prose writers, on whose material the analysis is carried out: this is a great opportunity to replenish our “list of authors” with the names of prominent modern artists. In our next issues, we will continue to acquaint you with the “branches” of national literatures, united by a supranational phenomenon - the Russian language. In Russia, a country of amazing cultural and linguistic diversity, there is an inexhaustible potential of learning previously unknown images of the world, which artistic literature accumulates and translates into external space - receptive field that is heterogeneous in its quality. The key issues for the editorial board are not ignored either: language policy, bilingual education and language consciousness. We hope that over time we will be able to go beyond the framework of pure theory and influence the quality of our self-awareness, and, therefore, our life. Sincerely, Editor-in-Chief V.P. Sinyachkin, Vice-Editor U.M. Bakhtikreeva

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