Heuristic resources of the ‘classics’: Perspectives of sociological enlightenment

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The article discusses the methodological question traditional for the humanities and social sciences (and, above all, sociology), namely, the question about their world view status, functions and aims. According to the author, ‘sociological enlightenment’ provides a chance to justify the purport of scientific research on the theory and history of sociology (research that is culturally significant beyond the narrow professional frames of sociology). The most important component of this ‘enlightenment’ is the demonstration of ‘heuristic resources’ of classical and modern theoretical sociology as a means of scientific explanation and conceptualization of social problems at a level comprehensible to non-academic audiences.

About the authors

D G Podvoyskiy

Sociology Chair Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Email: dpodvoiski@yandex.ru
Sociology Chair


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