The Image of Mother in Linguistic world-image of the British (a case study of semantic group “Maternity” in the proverbs of English, Welsh, Gaelic and Scottish languages of Britain)

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This article deals with contrastive-comparative analysis of paroemiological units of English, Welsh, Gaelic and Scottish languages. Phenomena “Maternity” is being introduced through qualitative and quantitative specialties of its representation. Its logical-and-semantic structure is being encoded in the following way: the cognominal semantic group is set apart from the composed corpus of proverbs and logema and sub-logema are singled out within it. Ethnical features of framing the image of mother are also being distinguished in the line of lingvoculture as one of the ways of representing “female” in the linguistic world-image.

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Yulia A Zakirova

Moscow State Regional University



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