Borrowings “Xerox”, “Photocopy”, “Xerox Machine” in the Dictionaries of Kazakh and Uzbek Languages (Different in the Same and the Same in Different)

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This article deals with the presentation of the vocabulary which has been formed on the basis of borrowed word “Xerox”(photocopy, Xerox machine, ксеронұсқа, ксерокөшірме and others) in monolingual and bilingual dictionaries of Kazakh and Uzbek languages; similarities and differences in formation of synonymic rows are revealed; moreover it is determined qualitative and quantitative specifics of lexical new formations of hybrid type and degree of their functional workload in speech in comparison with their national or earlier borrowed from eastern languages equivalents (tasvir); different in the same and the same in different has been exposed.

About the authors

M Dzhusupov

Uzbekistan State University of World Languages



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